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JB (an Elvis cover) I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You



Memories (left click on the song you want to hear)     77

I Need Your Love Tonight

Since You’ve Gone (I got a mess of the blues)

Good Luck Charm

The Wonder of You

In the Ghetto

One Night With You

Teddy Bear

I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You

Good Luck Charm

Don’t Be Cruel

It’s Now or Never

Blue Suede Shoes

American Trilogy

My Way

JB’s Album (Minnesota Woman) and JB Lite (the yard party) music


For those of you visiting my website for the first time, I hail from a little prairie town in South Dakota where we were entertained by the local, homegrown entertainers, circa 1978. The local, hard working  people always had a place to go and enjoy a part of life so few know today. It was an innocent time where laughter flowed as free as the people. I was fortunate to be in the middle of this and will forever be thankful!

Ronald Douglas Drobeck

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Minnesota Woman (whole album)

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So Close and Yet So Far Away (written by Joe Campbell)

My Way

Wonderful World


I Want You, I Need You, I Love You

Minnesota Woman (written by Joe Campbell)

I Can’t Help Falling in Love

Fools Rush In

Send in the Clowns

You’ll be Cryin’ When He Leaves (written by Joe Campbell)

His players:

Guitar:  Joe Campbell, Dave Austin, Jerry Berens

Bass:     Joe Campbell, Bob Lavoy, Dave Austin

Drums: Ron Drobeck, Cheri Austin, Denny Comfort

Piano and Organ:     Bob York

Vocals:  Jerry Berens, Joe Campbell

Ron Drobeck, Jim Thomas

Sherry Austin, Bob York

JB Lite

Courtesy of Debi and Chuck Corkins, and thank the Seaton’s for this is a recording done at their house party. It was just JB and me enjoying ourselves! Vintage 1983 Loveland, Colo.

Once upon a time in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, there were two minstrels…..

Until the Last Teardrop Falls

Go Away Little Girl (we’d never done this one before!)

Cab Driver

Hot Apple Pie (written by Jerry)

Old Rivers

Elvira – with Chet Corkings (Chuck) doin the Uum papa mow mows!

Who’s Sorry Now/All of Me (I only have a partial)

How Great Thou Art

Ghost Riders

Suspicious Minds Medley

If I Had a Bat Like Reggies

El Paso

Amarillo By Mornin’ and Getting Drunk on Jesus

Rindercella and Mariah (from ‘Paint Your Wagon’)-Ron

That’s What It’s Like To Be Lonely


My Walkin’ Stick

JB at ‘The Mad Russian’


On a quiet evening in 1984, The Mad Russian invited us to play at his place. His place was a 18 hole golf course, and a beautiful supper club. He had the finest chefs, preparing wonderful food that basically outclassed the clientele. His supper crowd had gone home, there were a few people at the bar (dining room help that no longer was on duty I think). He knew these nights were slow, but he, The Mad Russian, liked our music, so we played. He closed the club in the late 80’s due to the economic downturn, but the club is now re-opened under new ownership, and is classified as an ‘Event Center’.

On this evening, Chuck and Debi Corkins (Loveland),  showed up with their VHS Sony and started filming sometime after the first set.

The piano player and the base player had only been with us one other night. JB and I didn’t have a base player so we took them on. They were from Bozeman, Montana, out on their great adventure, sleeping in their van, and needed gas and food money.

Elvis Presley Montage

Kansas City-Ron Drobeck

In Heaven There Is No Beer

Ghost Riders

Runaway-Ron Drobeck

Hot Apple Pie-JB original music

Long Tall Texan

American Trilogy

Juke Box Saturday Night

You Were Always On My Mind

Mack the Knife (Ron)

Amarillo by Mornin’

My Way

Jerry Berens Live at the Town House 1984 music


I have had the only tape of JB and Soda that I own, remastered. It sat in a drawer with batteries and magnetic things, odd keys, pieces and bits of life.

Remember, this was done live on a Wednesday night, with a stereo reel to reel, and two microphones hanging from the ceiling over the dance floor. There was no board, and no one manning the tape recorder. You can hear JB turn away from his microphone to look at the Db meter.  There is also some fade from the years that have gone by.

Play it through some decent speakers so the ‘bottoms’ come out.

I’m trying to locate more music and some film, so if you have some to share, I’ll try to get it on this site.

And Now

Once upon a time in a small prairie town, there were three minstrels……

Falling In Love With You  jerry

Almost Like a Song jerry berens, me hitting the highs

Statler Bros. Trilogy jerry, doug, me

Come With Me doug, me hitting the highs

You Gave Me a Mountain jerry

You Mean All the World to Me me

My Way jerry

Blue Suede Shoes jerry

The Last Farewell jerry

Cab Driver (my little daughter, Jaime, over-recorded in one spot)

The Rose me trying to sing it in the original key

Love the One You’re With doug

Every Now and Then jerry

Runaway me

American Trilogy jerry, doug, me

Goodbye Everybody!