JB at ‘The Mad Russian’


On a quiet evening in 1984, The Mad Russian invited us to play at his place. His place was a 18 hole golf course, and a beautiful supper club. He had the finest chefs, preparing wonderful food that basically outclassed the clientele. His supper crowd had gone home, there were a few people at the bar (dining room help that no longer was on duty I think). He knew these nights were slow, but he, The Mad Russian, liked our music, so we played. He closed the club in the late 80’s due to the economic downturn, but the club is now re-opened under new ownership, and is classified as an ‘Event Center’.

On this evening, Chuck and Debi Corkins (Loveland),  showed up with their VHS Sony and started filming sometime after the first set.

The piano player and the base player had only been with us one other night. JB and I didn’t have a base player so we took them on. They were from Bozeman, Montana, out on their great adventure, sleeping in their van, and needed gas and food money.

Elvis Presley Montage

Kansas City-Ron Drobeck

In Heaven There Is No Beer

Ghost Riders

Runaway-Ron Drobeck

Hot Apple Pie-JB original music

Long Tall Texan

American Trilogy

Juke Box Saturday Night

You Were Always On My Mind

Mack the Knife (Ron)

Amarillo by Mornin’

My Way


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