Jerry Berens Live at the Town House 1984 music


I have had the only tape of JB and Soda that I own, remastered. It sat in a drawer with batteries and magnetic things, odd keys, pieces and bits of life.

Remember, this was done live on a Wednesday night, with a stereo reel to reel, and two microphones hanging from the ceiling over the dance floor. There was no board, and no one manning the tape recorder. You can hear JB turn away from his microphone to look at the Db meter.  There is also some fade from the years that have gone by.

Play it through some decent speakers so the ‘bottoms’ come out.

I’m trying to locate more music and some film, so if you have some to share, I’ll try to get it on this site.

And Now

Once upon a time in a small prairie town, there were three minstrels……

Falling In Love With You  jerry

Almost Like a Song jerry berens, me hitting the highs

Statler Bros. Trilogy jerry, doug, me

Come With Me doug, me hitting the highs

You Gave Me a Mountain jerry

You Mean All the World to Me me

My Way jerry

Blue Suede Shoes jerry

The Last Farewell jerry

Cab Driver (my little daughter, Jaime, over-recorded in one spot)

The Rose me trying to sing it in the original key

Love the One You’re With doug

Every Now and Then jerry

Runaway me

American Trilogy jerry, doug, me

Goodbye Everybody!


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  2. Hi Ron,
    Just saw your post on Jerry Berens. Sure am happy to hear he got inducted into the So. Dak. country Hall of Fame. I have known Jerry since he ran the Korner Inn in Milbank. My dad, Ernie Tuolowetzke played with Jerry in his bar when I was about 13-14 yrs.old. He has always been a dear friend of our family. i saw Jerry for the last time a few yrs. ago when he did Karoeke at the VFW for my cousin, Wellnitz b-day party. Jerry wife, Gloria in fact put on a bridal shower for me when I was getting married in 1964. My sisters Arlys and Ellamae both have a VHS of dad and Jerry playing at Arlys home in Colorado. And I have a cassette too of them jamming and having fun. I am very sadden that Dale Nyreen has put on the utube of Jerry recordong in May of 2010 as this video is awful and should have never been put on the web site. This is not the Jerry Berens I would ever want to see. This does not honor him at all. It is an insult to a fine person with a great talent for music and love of people. It is in very poor taste. An arm in Jerry’s face, smoke all in his face, he is looking down as to be reading the words and the songs are horrible. Put on a copy of Jerry playing and singing “Trembling Lips” in remembrance of this fine talent. Dog pooh did not put his talent in the hall of fame. Shame on Dale Nyreen for putting this on for the world to see.


  3. Love the old memories. Ron, I listened to some JB out on the web that the Man in Black had on his web site more recent of course.


  4. Some of my best memories from youth are the days I worked at The Townhouse Supper Club, side by side with my best friend Linda and her loving and welcoming family. Thank you so much, Ron for sharing the music that takes me there. ❤ Lori 'Jacobson' Welch.


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