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Hey!!! I’m Not Brilliant!


I’m not embarrassed to admit that I’m not brilliant! I’m not all that intelligently and physically endowed nor do I have a eidetic memory.
But, I am convinced that I am aware of what works and doesn’t work, know the difference between heart think and brain think, trust in physics and natures trends, am somewhat a natural engineer, artfully creative, and thirsty. 
All of these things together allow me to have a personality, protect myself and family, question all things, know morally right from wrong, and have the ability to create something from nothing with great enthusiasm. 
I’m extremely happy with this. 
I’m satisfied that many of you are more academic than me, and that I surround myself with ‘like’ personalities, maybe not exactly, but as a package, my equal.
I am also convinced that our numbers are diluted by an almost equal percentage of severely un-balanced leaky people. 
How do I explain why they are the way they are? 
I’m only guessing here, but an educated guess!  I think they are stuck (some of the essential pieces and parts are lagging behind) somewhere in the evolutionary learning curve that leads up to us! RDD


Our National Anthem and Salute to Our Country


Our National Anthem and Salute to Our Country

I have watched hundreds of interviews, both for and against the standing for our national anthem and the civilian salute to our flag.
I watch people stumbling around with their answers ‘for’ and ‘against’ during interviews.
So, here is my ‘no stumble’ opinion about our national anthem at sporting events.
And tradition has it, while “We the People” are all gathered here, we choose to share, and show our conviction and solidarity to OUR Constitution and great country, and salute the men and women who have spent their lives for this gathering at this moment.
This is not the moment for any other kind of opinion or rally.(period)
You either stand with us or you are against us.
This is a ‘no choice’ situation.
If your owners insist on paying you to perform, then you can stay in the locker room out of our sight during OUR pledge.
You may stay out on the field and stand as a guest, ….. with a proper attitude, and your hands not signing, showing respect to us, and the country that is allowing you to perform. If you can’t show us respect….. stay in the locker room!
The Pledge of Allegiance or the singing of our National Anthem is not the place for you. Ronald D. Drobeck

Question Quality (article)


Find out what the professionals know!
Many of the old dependable standards of everything are no longer your grandfather’s standards.
Off the shelf products have been sold to large companies and then the quality has been reduced to meet marketing and profit demands.
Tires, batteries, roofing, furniture, ….. everything has been manufactured under specifications by the seller, not the original designer who designed and engineered to last and do what it was supposed to do!
Many of these products still have the original formulas and quality out there, but you have to search for it and don’t expect the retail price to be competitive!
Ask professionals who their suppliers are and what product you should use. If they will tell you!
I’m just sayin’, question the quality of everything and with your computer, ask the right questions to narrow everything down to the best you can afford!
It’s probably still out there, just not on the shelf two blocks away! rdd

The I-10 Machine (ribbon of highway)


The I-10 Machine

Good Morning. 11/05/2017
Three trips to and through the Phoenix area last week on the amazing I-10 grinder and it’s humans!
I don’t go west much from Tucson and from Tucson, I-10 Right is much different from I-10 Left.
When traveling I-10 Left, you actually travel farther and farther away from immediate help if you should need help.
I-10 Right increases in population radically and there are signs and warnings, constant construction and changes, overpasses and suddenness.
I am grateful that the Google lady grew up as the difficulty in finding baseball fields and addresses in Phoenix grew more difficult.
If I had driven alone, with no navigator, I would have had to take off two hours earlier as I slowly eliminated all the wrong turns possible and missed correct turns by being in the wrong lane with other vehicles obstructing quick decisions.
I mean, I would have made it except alone trips would have been more of baseball games. Win ….. lose. LOL
With my nice lady on Google, I had no fear of leaving the end of a game tired with a 1 hour and 45 minutes drive back to my own bed.
Listen to the nice lady…. LOL

The Mumble Beneath the Street


The Mumble Beneath the Street


At some point, when a government gets so big and handles so much money, little thief ethic groups that manage to get a job with them, steal a little. Then they find out they aren’t being caught and steal some more and don’t get caught. Then they lie to protect their great money making position with all of its benefits and notoriety.
When one finely does get caught out of carelessness and greed and the others see that they weren’t punished, they realize they are in a club of thieves and begin to protect each other, say ridiculous things, don’t do their job because they are enjoying the fine life of stolen tax money from the working class.
At some point they know they aren’t doing their job but don’t care.
The bottom feeders in the public that realize that the maze of government programs can’t be policed, so they begin to steal. The mass gets so large it’s like a voting school of fish. Waving and weaving they avoid the one being caught out of the masses of schools of fish, and they fuel each other with their own ‘media’, and religions of crutches and rationalization, and vote for the people handing out the cash. It becomes a way of life, and they spread the word to the other nations.
America is stupid and they hand out cash!
Then one day, an enforcer comes along………… and they hate him. Doh!
A flusssshhhhhhh, they scream as they try to fight the current, lose the battle, and go down the hole.
All of the bottom feeders begin to fade away as their food supply dwindles and quality of life goes down the tube too.
New, shiny men are back in power, the original ethic is re-instated much to the chagrin of the few left over snipers and screamers that cannot understand.
Things get better for the industrious class of inventors, artists, producers and gazers.
But, down in the sewer, in the dark, there survived the little stinky creatures, and they begin to multiply and mumble ………………. rdd




I’m trying to learn to drink coffee. I’ve never had a cup in my life. I was in the hospital for something in my early teen years and they tried to give me coffee with lunch and I threw up. So I’ve never been able to get it up to my mouth. I like the smell of it, but had this wall. I do drink black and green tea neat so I’m not going to sugar and cream it.
It’ll have to be straight.
Why at 67 would I do this you might ask?
Well, I’ve read, and it keeps coming up, that it is good for you, in moderation of course. It’s good for memory, and alertness and earth stuff.
So, here we go. I got the first sip down. It tastes a little muddy, but not disgusting sooooooooo……….
I’m trying to cut down on the soda for my caffeine. I’ve done that since I could afford my own and I’m on a diet again. The soda does not help.
I listened to everyone else’s groans about not having their coffee yet, and how much, and peeing…. and I need one more bitch and more excuses to use, so… lol ……………. I deserve this! rdd

Success Cannot Allow Anything Less


Success Cannot Allow Anything Less

Ronald Douglas Drobeck


There is so much amazing BS on all stations today. So many words all come down to a correction of honesty. Physics has its rules, nature has her rules, and both are messed with by humans, but always coming back to the rules that succeed.

Now, I’m only throwing this out there, but God doesn’t forsake one party for another! Therefore, this is humans making a correction against other humans, and dishonesty can only be carried as long as it can keep up the charade. Honesty eventually wins because sooner or later, what doesn’t work is overwhelmed by what does work.

It has to be!

Brightness will overcome darkness, intelligence will overcome anything less.

So, give me a break and admit that this is a great human adjustment toward honesty and human truthful advancement taking the power flowing toward a few and spreading it back out to the people doing the work and the forward thinking.

Soldiers are not only soldiers when we need someone to fire a bullet at the enemy.

Soldiers come in all sizes and ages and when irritated to the point of having to fight to bring it all back to the center, they fight! Success can’t allow anything less. We have moved back to opportunity.

The Obamanation in power was tolerated because of our society, but could not be allowed to advance to the next points to the negative. We are done, had enough, and are about to fix it.

These, our soldiers have done this!

Humans, given enough rope to descend, will descend, because it’s easy when there are enough to hold the rope for them. We’ve removed the rope holders, and those descending have fallen.

Now…… forward and up.

It’s much more difficult and a continuing effort, sweat, creativity, and discovery. Do not hold the rope for those that want to take the easy road.

And, one more thing! We are dragging many along with us, those that don’t go forward easily. It is our nature. It’s a good thing as it gives the opportunity for the strongest of them to join the forward march on their own.

I am sorry, but I’m not apologetic to those that cannot find the way to not be a burden. As their numbers grow, their sheer weight makes them disconnect and fall to the side and this was a huge disconnection.

Get it! I just told you………… pick yourself up, use the crutches offered if you need them, and take the positive opportunity we are presenting to you, journey with us or fall to the side.