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Nature and I Breathed In Time (Indian Summer)


I remember going goose and duck hunting on Lake Traverse, all by myself.

The ducks and geese would come off the lake and fly low over the haystacks up at the north end islands.

I’d climb to the top of the stacks, take off my heavy brush coat, and lay on my back, my coat a pillow, just watching them.

Even while they were within shooting range, I had plenty of shots all of the time there, so I’d just watch………… and maybe take a nap in the last days of the year, when you could do that in the heat of the sun in South Dakota.

I had no need to disturb anything while I watched clouds and the Indian Summer spider webs drift by.

……… Nature and I breathed in time. rdd


The Best Men


The Best Men

The best men know spear chucking, archery, running swiftly, kill the mammoth are natural, and when accompanied by the fine arts of roasting, and saucing, tilling and wenching are as important! …… These are good,…… these are good and make the whole man. A kerchief around the neck seasoned with sweat, tanned crown of thinning silver hair…… some leather and a glint in his eye ……….. Aye! ….I’m almost out of bourbon….. so a bit of shopping too! Aye…..LOL, LOL
Good Friday Evening to you.

Ronald Douglas Drobeck

The Rest



This summer, on my way home from visiting all of my good friends between Tucson and the far corners of South Dakota, I stopped at a rest stop on I-25, above Trinidad, Colorado. It was 8:30 at night, terribly windy with heavy driving rain, and I was tired.

Not wanting to do the expense and formality of a rent, a room, turning on the TV and falling asleep, I had prepared a space in the back of the Trail Blazer for one man to stretch out on a camping cushion, with a pillow, and a warm blanket, in the valley between all of my stuff.

After having been cooped up in a house, doing housework, 3 Chihuahua’s and all the stuff going on in the world for a couple of years, I lay down in that space with the rain tapping on the roof, safe, the wind rocking my nest, and slept the sleep of a Weary Traveler for the next six hours. What a great feeling.

Then, trained as I am, I poured myself back into the driver’s seat, fueled up at the first place I found, and took myself home, refreshed and excited without question.

The rest, so hard to explain.

My Ism’s


Crooked people tend to collide more often because they can’t go straight!

Like soldiers advancing into battle, not knowing if they were going to come out of this one alive, we have to take the chance that the mass of good will overcome the mass of bad. There are NO guarantees! …. Fortunately, there is a weakness in bad that bad can’t overcome, which gives us the edge in the end. Unfortunately, we are forced  to do the battle. rdd 07/29/16 VOTE

Welcome to me!


To Whom it May Concern:

I have been forgetting and misplacing things my whole life. I started walking into rooms and forgetting why I was there since I was sixteen. I’ve never been able to remember names even if I like you. I’ve gotten lost driving at night forever, and spell something correctly 5 times and then miss it once.
I can’t type as fast as I think so I miss words. I will lose a train of thought because a new one has jumped in the middle.
I think in pictures so seem to be a little slow sometimes. I have to interpret everything I see. Often times, when people are talking to me, something you said sends me on a mental movie adventure as my imagination takes over. (One of my favorite things to do).
Sometimes I have to refine my sentences to fit the people I am talking to, because I already know what you are going to say, or YOU won’t understand what I just said or am about to say. That causes me to look at you funny which you interpret as stupid.
I’ve been like this for frickin’-frack ever!
YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO ADJUST YOURSELF TO ME, or just wave hello as you keep going away. I will attempt to acknowledge that I saw your greeting if I’m on even the same planet. If I do not acknowledge, forgive me, for I may have been on another adventure. rdd