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First Cup of Coffee “Awoke Up”


Good Morning!

Another Friday already!

Today, I’ll open with one of the truths about White Men.

I just hate to take the responsibility, but it’s got to be said sooner or later … so I’ll stick my neck out there and say it.

All other genders and colors are forcing out our superiority.

We’ve tried to stay humble and loveable, but you continue trying to take advantage of these kind traits, so now it’s time to let go of the leash we keep on keeping on ourselves, and let the truth flow!!!

We’re not going to take this anymore.

It’s time to take back our schools, our ethic, our ethnic and lead again.

Back UP the learning curve we go.

You were going to be left behind one way or another, so we might as well quit fooling around and make it less painless for you.

Oh there we go again, trying to be kind, but … it’s really over.

Santa Clause is white, God is White, the Constitution is White, and the White House is White! Sorry life to keep up sith us is such a struggle

We didn’t and don’t do this on purpose.

It’s the natural order of things.

So my first piece of advice for for you today is:Yes, Woke is some sort of awakening, but not even half way to be awakened. You still have a long ways to go.

Instead of attempting to bring us down to your level, why don’t you make it easy on yourself and just go along with advancement, tough as it is, and maybe in a couple of generations of learning our language, math, history, natural sciences, truths, and facing honesty without the help of tribal smoke, you can make it!

We are extremely pleased of those of you that have broken away and see it all clearly.

Welcome! It’s so nice to have you see what we see!

So, sorry about this truth this morning. I’ve only had one cup of coffee!

Maybe the 2nd cup will bring me back to reality and realize that I might as well watch the current state of affairs wear itself down, get a White leader back in there to survive the years as we watch you fade away, wise up or slowly get DNA’d out of existance. LOL rdd



     Finishing my (grow up) years of 11 to boarding the bus for the Navy, Milbank offerred a quiet place for quiet people. 
Not for me! 
     Those years for me were filled with trial and error, learning from my mistakes, and wonderment. 
     I wondered as I wandered there, seen by everyone, remembered by most. 
You could wake up in the morning there and walk downtown where everyone remembered everything from the day before! 
When you screwed up ... you owned it forever! 
Well, at least, until the rememberers died, and you managed to blend a bit better.
     I find it curious that living in Tucson, you could make a decision wobble, get in your vehicle and drive away from it, and it would be forgotten amongst the thousands of personality, learning, and mental wobbles going on at the same time! 
     Now, as I look back, I can see the 'wobbles' going on all around me in the village of wobbles. They had their own prairie village brand, absolutely!!!! 
     Even I remember personality wobbles that didn't seem too important, so immersed in my own day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute self. 
Even here in Tucson, I had a few learning wobbles, corrected, adjusted, and witnessed by few. Admonishing myself or not, I walked away never to let that situation happen again. 
     Forgotten in moments, minutes, hours or days, soooooo much people noise was going on that little Ron goes on smarter, a little more worldly and full of experiences that we get caught up in and that we had nothing to do with. 
     I am one that is happier this way. 
I don't carry so much baggage anymore because no one really cares. I only matter because I stay under the radar of the ambient noise of all of those other baggage carriers. 
     And it's true ... I 'wobble' much less.      
     This month, I turn 72. 
     I simply do not have the energy or time to 'wobble' much anymore and if I do, I might not even notice!!!! LOLOLOLOL

First Cup of Coffee Wednesday 3.3.21 5:55am


Good Morning

Yesterday’s humidity was 5%. My skin was like lizard skin so I’m oiled up today.

Our winds will pick up this afternoon as a probably rain front will move through, hopefully!

I know this seems a strange report for a post here, but Tucson has ‘Snowbirds’ and escapers from everywhere right now,

and Spring Baseball is beginning in Phoenix!

Lyle, Hank, and Julien Bue … Hank (my grandfather), and Julien are in the South Dakota baseball ‘Hall of Fame’!

Scott and his girlfriend Samantha are heading for Salt River Stadium in Phoenix to see the Diamondbacks and Angel’s spring game on Thursday. 

There are 10 active spring training fields in Phoenix and I’ve been to all of them for Seniors Summer league World Series games over the years.

 It looks good for a normal baseball season this summer as things loosen up!

Scott, myself, Brian 

Liberal drama to the left of me and liberal drama to the right of me, with our weak conservatives mixed in, are feeding the lame media paychecks IS the Big News. Oof!!!!

Stay free … Have a nice day.