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Daily Post 02.14.2021 2:15pm

Daily Post 02.14.2021 2:15pm

Good Afternoon!

Where did my day go?

Here’s a photo of the flag I finished just after the noon hour while watching the ill fated Daytona 500



On top is the flag that was on my workbench yesterday.

The other one is from last week and you can see what I mean when I say some flags are too glary. Too bright.

This one, I let the red wood (white stripes) remain virgin and the whole thing is dignified and match my backyard!

What do you think?

I let it sit on the fence for a few days and get fully dry before I put two coats of water and UV resistant clear spar varnish on it, front and back.

This one is 35×19. A bit closer to scale.

A nice comfortable size. rdd


Daily Post 02.10.2021 Wednesday 11:54am


Good Morning!

Whew … Just made it! 11:54am

I’m still Imagining this one! Just finished morning chores. The dishes are washing and the groceries are put away.

Allergy headache, but still doable without taking anything for it.

It’s Now or Never (Elvis Cover)

Here’s Jerry Berens! (just click on that title

Daily Post Tuesday 02.09.2021 3:39PM


Good Afternoon!


Well, I hope I’m not Don Quixote!!! LOL

Yes, I’ve been missing!

Chores, bike riding (12+miles yesterday), and yard stuff.

Today, proctoring Kenzie. The internet was out when she got here @6:30 this morning,

We made due after she was left with me. The internet came on right before the school came

on line three minutes earlier than my internet started up. By the time I booted up and got on the right

page, the school was gone. … So Kenzie and I went on with the very busy work book assignment.

We did pretty good too considering the late start. We did get on line and did some of the on line


So, considering that I have been gone busy, here’s a special! Actually, another award winner I got from many years ago. I hope you enjoy



Click on the story title below

The Song of the Haberdasher (My ‘Luck ‘O’ the Irish Short Story) | Ronald D. Drobeck (


Heading home from my 12+ mile bike ride up and down through the desert flood plain yesterday. I live on the other side of those golf club poles and I-10 right in front of me.

Have a nice day!

Tuesday Daily Post 02.02.2021 5:56am


I’ve been up since 4am. All slept out … good sleep!

80º here today! Some showers wandering around.

Mornin’ …. 2nd Cup of coffee. I’m ready to go! I’ve got Kenzie as a 1st grade student today. I’ll be taking a nap by 4pm! LOL


Stop Biden from touching the wall and anything related to immigration!!! He does not know what he’s doing!

The border and immigration system are going to be over run and crime along the border will imbed itself deep into this side of the border.

TODAY and everyday, watching the first line caretakers that are doing the Covid intense labor, I thank these people.

They had a full time job before this came along, and yet there are still local, state, and internal inspections on top of the added ‘special care’ addons!

Thank them when you see them on the street. Buy their coffee, or quick sandwich … what ever it takes to take a bit of the edge off.


I love this lens!


I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You

Here’s Jerry Berens (JB)

(Just click on the song title)

It’s Now or Never (Elvis Cover)


HAVE A NICE DAY!!!! I hope you enjoy my post!

Sunday 01.31.2021 Daily Post


Good Morning

Tucson weather: Sun & 71º for the next three days!

The last day of January. No excuses, I’ve got to get some outside work done!

A stained glass case I built for my mother. It’s sitting in Watertown in storage. Has no home! Look how tall it is compared to the couch arm! It IS looking for a home!

Waiting For the Sun.