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My Ism’s


My Ism’s


Yes, yes genius. We know there are flaws in laws that can be exploited. Yes, we know that there is inherent weakness in being good and doing things right. The trick is to be strong enough and smart enough not to take advantage of these in the name of your own brand of righteousness. You didn’t discover anything new….You failed!…..rdd


I am saddened today as I watch the return of forgotten history…..rdd


Is not flooding the airwaves with nonsense a form of censorship?….rdd


(When it’s not proper to verbalize what I want)

But, read my eyes! Sometimes they use such disgusting language!…..rdd


One of the unmentioned truths is in this string…..ignorance has its own DNA string right next to greed, power, and stupidity!


President Obama Sir: The reason small business owners need more than $250 thousand net in a year is so they can save and or invest some in case a president comes along that tries to destroy them by limiting their growth potential and staying power. You don’t know any presidents like that, do you?


A personality that reached its climax before it ever reached ‘American’!


Dear President Obama Sir: All of the great things you said about America the day before yesterday, yesterday, and today are the reasons why you can’t get anything done.


Yes, yes genius. We know there are flaws in laws that can be exploited. Yes, we know that there is inherent weakness in being good and doing things right.

The trick is to be strong enough and smart enough not to take advantage of these in the name of your own brand of righteousness. You didn’t discover anything new….You actually failed the integrity test!…..rdd


I feel like one sheep that is watched over by a flock of shepherds. I watch, listen, and learn from you all. It’s important. I hope I make you smile and laugh a hundred times…..Gees, I hope I didn’t just put a curse on you….LOL



I’m trying to express the transition from Tucson to Milbank. Would it work if I said, “at some point on my trip to my little prairie town in South Dakota, I pierced the wall of one bubble and went through the wall and into a much less frantic bubble where today is a little more like yesterday and will be a little more like tomorrow, forty years ago. A temporary refuge!”….rdd



I spent the day remembering, on and off! Tomorrow, I will balance today with remembering off and on. I will be reminded tomorrow that it’s an everyday deal, and I will remind myself that the survivors must work every day to arrange life to prevent it from happening again, and again, and again. We are very slow when it involves truly important things……rdd


  • The newer generation loves you more if you can make them dance….so dance…forget the past….soon you won’t like the dance anymore…..rdd




I often thought I would like to be worshipped as a god! Now every night, if I don’t take a shower, I have to use a washcloth to get the dog lick off from my legs!



     I am continually amazed at the number sophomoric public figures that saw away at the fruit bearing limb they and their grandchildren are sitting on, 24/7!…..rdd



The current administration has nothing to say to rude audience participation….flotus.

You have enabled 3rd graders to speak without raising their hand.



Welcome to the new week….May you all see some new truth, gain a little wisdom and recover a little sanity during this coming week. I can maybe help with the sanity part……rdd



For those of you that listened to ‘I Love A Rainy Night’ yesterday, remember, if I post something like that that appears flawed and a struggle, it was done on purpose….the whole recording is the song….it’s all ‘the song’. It’s the nut that breaks off when your fixing a car, the milk that boils over on the stove, the contract you write that you forgot to get signed, and the toothache that appears Sunday morning just before church….It’s all color and part of the story…….we struggled sometimes, sang off key sometimes or tried to sing ‘out’ of our key. Enjoy it all….it’s JB’s time machine, and can

never happen again…..rdd



I hope I understand ‘the standing man’. My interpretation would be: No one is listening so I’ll just stand here, my hands in my pockets, shoulders fallen in disgust at the utter nonsense of it all. What little I weep, I weep for the human race, growing pains or a spiral to the end?….rdd



The overkill attack on Paula Dean (a known quantity) is a blatant symptom of our now disease injected society. I have no reason to protect her personally….I do have an obligation to fight the disease attacking her, and I shall. Please help me fight these germs with, choice words and the strength of character worthy of our ‘Founding Fathers’ and The Constitution of the United States that has propelled us to the point where lesser beings feel threatened by our personality. Show some strength Americans!……..rdd



I see, from what I’ve read on FB today, the passionate people here, no matter what side of the fence you are on, have blessed, found, given away, teased, and strutted with equal passion. I wish you all my best….rdd


It seems, most of us are capable of taking care of ourselves, and the people around us, near and far, without laws making us, or telling us to do so. I said ‘most’. Those not included in ‘most’ are costing us a lot of money and causing a lot of problems. Each of us ‘most people’ is thinking about you in our own way! Have a nice day!


You know the thing you couldn’t afford before, but if the kids left, you got a raise, skimped on a couple of other things, and they dropped the price, you would be able get? Well, all of those things happened, and you can’t afford it again!….rdd



Tomorrow, I think I’ll watch the D.C. Comics show again. Today I watched a bunch take over the front of the bus….When they got to where they were going…..they all got jammed up in the front door, but the people at the extra wide back door snickered as they calmly filed out! LOL



We must preserve freedom of evolutionary advancement!!!!! 07/15/13


What they’d like you to believe: middle class = sharks, kahuna tuna, moray eels, stingrays, barracuda. What the result will be when they are done with the designer middle class……………….tilapia 07/25/13 rdd


There is a style of human that believes if they, legally or illegally, morally or immorally, remove successful people from the square footage the successful people are standing on and then occupy that square footage themselves, they should become and be called successful!


Apparently, no one in W.D.C. knows how to flush! 07/31/13



Yes, yes, yes!…..the butler was a good, great man…..and electing a misguided, small man because he’s black demeans the butler and every other good black man out there! So sad the elected, small man’s color hides the wonderful point!………..rdd 08/09/2013


The PGA sure has attracted some loud mouthed spectators! ‘No Class’ is spreading everywhere……but then…….we digress! 08/10/13



I watched some college professor lady in charge of environmental something or other tell me that if I didn’t believe in climate change, all I need to do is go up and watch the glaciers melt, the permafrost defrost, and the average temp rise. What this cockeyed lady doesn’t realize is that some of us know that the earth’s temps, weather patterns, polar caps, land masses and universe have been pulsing since the beginning. Yes….of course there is climate change…..constantly……duh! It doesn’t give mentally challenged positioned people the right to declare it the fault of humans, and assume to take over control of the universe’s surges by taxing what they feel are the cause or scan the sheeple. PS…..I consider my opinion just as or more viable than hers or theirs. I also believe that being a good steward of our planet is a no brainer…..just do it with panache and don’t cram it! We have time and there are some dedicated, non-political minds that will take us there at human invention pace…..unless we drop the sky on them.


Black plague found in the United States under Obama’s Care! 08/21/13


We were adults once, had our children and then moved on! There is no going back once you’ve graduated from adult!……..rdd 10/29/2013


The ignorant little screamers out there don’t realize that they will lose the right to scream about other people’s rights as a natural progression of their own screaming!…..Ronald Douglas Drobeck 10/30/2013


  • 11/01/13
  • Obama and the weather channel won’t give up on anything that’s been brainwashed into them. Actually, he could care less, but he has to garnish his perceived profile for concern about everything. It’s a blah, blah, blah for face sake. Showmanship authored and encouraged by his handlers.


As a global leader, we need to do much better picking our leaders. I suppose now is as good a time as any to go through this sham. I will thank him and the Senate, annnnnnnnd the poor quality republicans we elected in the last 17 years, for providing the example of how not to be and what not to do!

By diluting ‘the people’ with ignorance (as planned) it’s really hard to give ‘power to the people’ until the people are again going forward as a race.

We have so many ‘locked out’ truths right now that honesty cannot rule. An untruth has to be rationalized with another untruth until, hopefully, we start diluting untruths with truths again. It all goes back to the laws of nature, physics, and for some religion. There is a pile of humans running around amongst these truths disrupting things. Yes the solid laws wiggle and gyrate a little but go back to center as soon as the irritation goes away. (This, maybe is too farfetched for some who believe humans are running this place!) LOLOLOL

I haven’t written my short story about it yet, but have always been fascinated and amazed by the satisfaction and rewards that are bestowed upon those that work along the solid lines of nature, common sense, physics, and yes’ may I include the honest religions, which I consider part of the tool kit for working with the first three. Everyone else bucking the solid parameters are wasting time, money, and may even be delaying progress, and causing serious injury…….rdd

That’s where we are now…….stopping to prop up the hind end while pushing the head down so it can’t see………………….rdd


With honesty as a natural consequence of the laws of nature, dishonesty is eventually caught out in the open, naked! (Without defense)……rdd 11/13/13


There comes a time when a person has to be perfectly honest, but today I’m not willing to get beat up!….rdd 11/15/13



I want to make sure I understand this. We are a Republic so that the mentally competent (which are harder to grow), aren’t outvoted by the mentally incompetent (which are easier to grow)! Is that correct?……rdd



Nelson Mandela (12/5/13)


I did not know him personally, I am not an expert in any fashion, but with what I know, with what I suspect, and with what he didn’t say, I would suspect he knew things of truth that he held and couldn’t say. He watched, learned, and weighed, and knew he could take them so far, and then time would run out for him, but continue for painfully slow processes. I know when I see him shaking hands, it was not for his own gratification and ego! He was passing on the necessary spirit. Maybe somewhere along the way he touched the hand of the future logical visionary child who will transcend the emotion and drama of the masses to be a guide to the realistic…..rdd





One of my favorite spectator sports! Watching the battle between ignorant, experimental man and balanced mother nature. I’ve been watching it for so long, I know who’s going to win every time!…..rdd




Merry Christmas to the Obama family……our sense of American tradition and humor far outweighs your feeble attempt to destroy us. May you receive back more than you have given this Christmas!….rdd





In regards to an Oklahoma senator wishing to pass a Pierce Morgan open carry gun law:


LOLOLOLOL…..we are beginning to stoop to their game…..It’s about time, as long as we get back up on the porch when we are done……those little dogs barking all of the time has got to stop! Especially when they bark with a European (you are pee’n) accent!


02/02/14 Making Super Bowl Soft Pretzels


The soft pretzel dough rises! no…NOOOOO!!!!! dun dun dun dun dun dun dundundundundun dddddddd……a high pitched scream….ahieeeee. I grabbed it…punched it….wrestled it and squished it until it laid limp………… Ahhh, a sigh……I neaded that! LOLOLOLOLOL




Ronald D. Drobeck People have heard my stories of how I’ve filled my life up. You just reminded me of things I’ve never told. I don’t think Kathy even has an idea how I wore nothing but a feather, loin cloth, baby oiled tan….the campfire flickering like an old time movie, that brought out the sinew and muscle moving with each step of the drum beat. And then years later, Brotherhood, the full headdress and the big white eyes of those about to be initiated. It was preparation for the moments in life when you just had to stand there and take it! Like boot camp, you had to endure to become a leader. You became a leader because you held your head so high, your eyes so clear, your thoughts always up and forward.


Ronald D. Drobeck Sorry Les….I got carried away. At our age, it was mystical and ancient. It tied us to the earth. It taught us take care of each other and the planet. It changed me. I never more went with the flow. I never wasted it!



Ronald D. Drobeck Good…..ain’t I?


Ronald D. Drobeck This is vintage stuff. I am not sure things are done the same today. The world has changed. People have changed. Ideals have changed. The scouts have changed.





I did my adulthood! Now, I shall re-embrace my youth!….rdd




If you believe in nothing but yourself, the best you can achieve is mediocrity. Having achieved the best of mediocrity is next to nothing at all!….rdd




This is why we have ‘individual freedom’! Every time you give ‘Barney Fife’ an authority bullet, he’s got to shoot the damned thing, and shoot himself in the foot at the same time!…. Rdd





It’s been proven by Progressives that gloomy days produce a hunger for freshly baked bread with peanut butter which causes obesity which makes you pre-diabetic for about an hour!…rdd





Pennsylvania: That state sure has it’s govern-mental problems!….rdd




But, when ignorance becomes the norm, everyone else is an ‘idiot’!…rdd




Never ever speak the truth about the elephants in the room. You will get trampled!….rdd




I consider myself lucky and fortunate to be blessed an ‘observer’! It is embarrassing when I revert to Neanderthal once in a while. Embarrassing but cleansing? One must occasionally grab his own vest, snap it straight, clear the throat, get the chin back in proper alignment, and step back out of the crowd to again be a proper observer….rdd




I do not like green clouds and rain. (this sentence could become famous!)…rdd




What happened to your ancestors is not an excuse for what you did or the way you are acting at this moment! This moment is YOUR responsibility. Yes! Including the good stuff! …………..rdd





From the beginning of my time, I was never impressed by the bar set for regular people. Many times, I just walked around it and got two jumps ahead. I did enjoy watching them get the purple, red, and yellow ribbons!….ronaldddrobeck


Ronald D. Drobeck I once entered an Easter hat contest at Alondra Park in Redondo Beach. I was maybe eight. I had walked there by myself along Torrance Ave, was fishing and saw the contest. There were excited parents and little kids with bows and fancy hats standing in line properly. So I got in line, walked up on stage with my fishing rod and my kids Dodgers cap. I won a ribbon for ‘Originality’! I went back to fishing! You know…..there are many kinds of ‘fishing’!….rdd





Musician: One who loads $5000 worth of equipment into a $500 car to travel 100 miles to a gig that pays $50.

‘Tis true. As much as some become a physician, scientist, explorers, great chef, and artist, I became a combination of all the above! A musician! How so?……..ronaldddrobeck




I take my music very serious. I only sing a string of one note at a time, but I hope that string will verge and blend someday! I’m working at it. LOL….dissonance used correctly does not contribute to chaos, although it might shake the impure free to create better harmonies somewhere else!




Famous people that are closet musicians!


One must be in tune, and that takes practice, practice, practice.

Those that are not in tune never practiced a thing in their life. They just do stuff with little thought to the ending, and get in the tuned peoples way!……ronaldddrobeck



Ronald D. Drobeck I only ‘lounged’ in my Fruit of the Looms for the 6 weeks of our married life when we didn’t have at least one kid here! Kathy just put up with it…..I flaunted it……I think she’s paying Jaime to stay here! I may run away.


Ronald D. Drobeck P.S. I do also wear my Tony Lama’s and my Ruger. I think those are what she didn’t like!


Ronald D. Drobeck Since then I’ve switched from country music to Jazz and Swing. I have no idea what would happen now!




For most it’s easy to become one of many. For a few, it’s easy to become one of one. Ronalddrobeck



I have so many “woulda’, coulda’, shoulda’s” in my past, but I don’t go there. If I worry about all of those, I won’t have time for my gunna’s! ……rdd




All days long we run, through the things that want to eat us, while trying to be what we should be,….. and once in a while we get to pick, a fruit from the good stuff tree. Ronalddrobeck



Want to leave the mass and have a personality………….. take the next ‘EXIT’ ramp! …..rdd



Sometimes, lack of respect and the inability to get a job are earned!





Of Colette Brust’s 45th anniversary:

“It was doomed to last from the start!” rdd






Related to a post about the -35 temps up in the Dakotas:


I suspect that the temperature differential between Tucson and Milbank will be 100°! The difference between Tucson and International Falls will be 120°! I would say that grabbing the opportunity to move to Tucson was right up there with the best accidental correct things I’ve ever done. ……rdd




This happens when attitude numbers are higher than I.Q.. rdd (The federal government which has “Tomahawk” cruise missiles, and “Apache”, “Kiowa”, and “Lakota” helicopters, and used the code name “Geronimo” in the attack on Osama bin Laden, officially objects to the name of the “Washington Redskins”.)




In regards to MSNBC

Once they discover that they are not the diabolical, sneaky hero, genius, guru they thought they were, they often go the opposite direction as if to demonstrate, “I meant to do that!”




Global warming is a marketing tool only! If the people using this natural phenomena for college papers, news headlines, scare tactics and face time would shut up….. no one would notice and the wave would reverse with no one the wiser except those people that would go into global cooling mode to make money!




Too much intosiasm! (I coining this word officially right now) It’s when you are ‘into’ something and want to share your enthusiasm with everyone.




Hey…. has anybody’s check book debit and credit balancing page changed? Mine still has one space for dollars and one space for cents, a line underneath I can add or subtract to get the new balance by analog math.

It still works, is quick, and I know what my balance is in two seconds.

I’m checking to make sure they are patronizing me with an ‘old fart’ check book when I should be getting one with a tri fold worksheet.

I hate being patronized! Rdd




When you build your house on sand and prop it up with wishful thinking, sooner or later it will fall.

Welfare checks, food stamps, idle time, degrees without actual education, implanted lies, unreal and explosive morals will eventually take it down. Rdd




The timber of a man (or woman) shows up in their manner(s) during the marathon of their life. It’s not what happened last week, for that is only a small portion of the run. It’s the whole run and then….. their grace in home stretch. Ronald Douglas Drobeck





What is happening in Baltimore was seeded by the election of the mayor on down through the judges, lawyers, city boards, degrading morals and morays of the city. This degradation was backed by the governor, and inspired by the racially consumed and infected federal government. …rdd




I watch for adults that have not had their spirit broken. Then…………….. it’s deep and smart, and stubborn. Perfect! …..rdd


 The End (for now)







































The Duck Suits


The Duck Suits

So, some brilliant chicken suits in Fowl City have decided to have a discussion about the police profiling of ducks who may be carrying and spreading ‘foot and beak’ disease in their droppings.
It was decided that even though it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck on a Chickentown street, it cannot be stopped or questioned until after it ‘unloaded’ on a Chickentown sidewalk in plain view of everybody.

All Chickentown leaders have to follow the new mandated protocols commanding that, until damage is done, and foot and beak disease has spread throughout the area known as Chickentown, the police must ‘ignore’ all ducks.

In another vote, it was decided that it is still lawful for Chickentown cops to stop and question suspicious crowing and clucking chicken residents for non-licensed laying!

Meanwhile, down at the Duck Suit Store, and knowing that ducks can not be stopped, questioned, or ‘harassed’, …… duck suit sales are booming!



News Flash……June Oh Thirteen


thFrom the news desk of Flash Drobeck

I’m going to take this opportunity to defend fiction writers around the universe.

I’ve recently heard that a few disgruntled novelists and non-fiction reporters from other networks are insinuating we fiction writers are just a bunch of liars that prey on the imagination of the less rigid and undisciplined minds.

I can assure you, my universe traveling companion, E.R. Burroughs and I spare no expense researching and checking our sources before we report any news for The Inter-Galactic Inquirer.

A case in point: The daring, in the field, reporting of the wars on Barsoom, the years of often near death, Spartan living conditions that tax even the heartiest of us fiction journalists, are proof of our integrity and dedication.

The search to interview John Carter alone was a feat no novelist would dare pursue! These people are driven by the almighty Galaxio, and what it can get them.

Trust me when I say, our income buys little prestige. We dig to the bottom of our own pockets to first report these righteous stories we ferret out for YOU, our treasured readers.

Even now, our recently released feature, “The Pluton Tax Revolt” is in question by the non-fiction purists.

Our colleague on Pluto has verified that the Plutons are taxed by the total number of thumbs on their middle hand.

Called “The Thumb Tax”, you are assessed more if you have one to two thumbs, and less if you have three to five thumbs. It’s the government’s contention, that if you have three to five thumbs you need to have a managerial or authoritarian position because you are not capable of skilled labor, and require exceptional financial protocols. (All Thumbs Law)

How could anyone not believe that?

We thank you for your support!