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Monday 01.18.2021 5:25am Damn Near Daily Post


Good morning!


Flash …  Flash 9:06am entry- CNN wants to sensor NEWSY!

With tens of thousands of Covid and other diseases about to invade from the South by our next Presidents choice to garner stupid votes …

I am going to get my Covid vaccinations.

This is going to be interesting.


Even Strandburg will have a Mexican restaurant! El Prairie taco


Martin Luther King Day


His niece said this morning that “We are all human beings!”

Mid 70’s in Tucson today … We’ve actually got 50% chance of rain later this week.

Two inches of gentle rain would be appreciated. Even a desert needs to have a drink.




 Have a Nice Day! … more to come as the human condition gets more ridiculous! rdd

Please, recycle and don’t procreate more than one copy of yourself! 

Your vote may not be the temper they want!