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Easter Past Repast


1:45am Monday April 17, 2017

I’m up in the night,
haunted by the vision,

of a cold Easter spiral ham samich

………….. on whole wheat.

A ghost of Easter past,

I shall not sleep again, until I defeat it,

…………. complete.

I, without even rattling a plate,

Strait from the green, nylon cutting board I ate!

Silently, I devoured it.

That shall be the end of that,

…………. so sweet.

And now I lay me,

Back down to sleep.  ………… Ronald Douglas Drobeck





Albert Discovering Albert (an exerpt from “My Name is Prince Albert” by me)


Albert Discovering Albert

The next full moon arrived. The spell on Prince Jax ended, and his natural body color returned. At last he could go out in public again without the village people laughing and pointing. Airy was getting his health back and growing stronger every day. He was now strong enough to go into the fields for short periods of time. This was good because it was time to begin the harvest. Albert was helping, and learning from Airy. He was also learning about humans and about himself. One day, while on his way to the grain field to help Airy, Albert decided to jump over the fence instead of opening the gate and taking the time to close it again. With a couple of running steps, he jumped. He expected to touch the top of fence rail with one foot and push himself over to the other side.

To his surprise, the leap took him over the fence by twice its height. He landed extremely hard, not expecting to come down from that high. The landing buckled his knees, and he rolled “head over heels” a couple of times, and then came to a stop in a cloud of dust. Stunned and a little scared, he picked himself up and brushed himself off. Realizing what he’d done and what it must have looked like, Albert quickly looked around to see if anyone was watching. Katrin was in the cottage baking, and Airy had his head down as he swung his scythe, cutting the grain. So he continued to walk, a little wobbly but satisfied that nobody saw, toward Airy. There was one little backward glance at the fence and one little head shake. Maybe one little grin! Up in a nearby tree, Hoot Dooter saw! Albert continued to help Airy harvest the grain that was ready to turn into fl our for baking. He continued to learn how to repair things around the farm and the use of tools. The fences were repaired, roofs were patched, and together they rehung the double barn door, which Airy could not do by himself. The door had a bottom and a top that could be opened one at a time or both together.