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Laugh or Cry, Try, Try, Try (inspiration)


Never forget to call on your own inner strength when needed.

Stop, think, breath, and energy up.

Some things require an enthusiastic attempt, some require slow determination, and some things require that you walk away and reset.

How many times have you failed to fix or achieve something for an hour, walk away, come back fresh and watch as what ever it was falls into place so easily, you don’t know whether to laugh or cry?


A Tease of Nectar (photo art)


In the wind, I’ve pursued what I felt I had to.
No help. Just me. My muse is snoozing.
When that happens, I switch to me! So, I safari’d into my backyard and took about 40 shots between two different cameras and three different lenses and patience.
It came down to what I already knew, suspected, went back to, and got.
The shot of my first sunflower of the year giving me a great ‘show’. Here’s what I, myself, picked as my photo of the day, maybe the week, ….. from my back yard. Hope you enjoy.
I shall call it….. “A Tease of Nectar”
My D7200 and my 85mm macro lens from about 12″. It’s the camera’s focus at f8. I didn’t look at the other numbers. …………. I was too amazed by all of the internal parts going on here!!!!

April 21, 1949- ………. Birthday


Last night, after a nice two finger snapper of Basil Hayden’s Bourbon on the rocks, before I fell asleep, I was left with the question from Kathy floating, “What do you want for your birth day celebration meal?”
I slept like a rock.
But, this morning it was mostly all there, just waiting for my brain to click on:
Hamburger steak with Worcestershire and butter, patty’d just before, and Mesquite marinated chicken off the grill, our potato salad with the cooked dressing, Garlic French bread sliced on the bias, spatula’d off the hamburger and mesquite charred grates, and the ‘Death by Chocolate’ Bundt cake with shiny Dutch cocoa glaze I made last year (I think it was for my birthday) with home made ice cream to top it off.
If that doesn’t get a great “braaaaaap” out of the most delicate of you, nothing will.
I’ll be 69 on the 21st, and deserve a proper grin and an auditory approval as a send off into the 70’s.
This is no time to be dainty.
A little more medieval would be justified, proper and poetic, are invited.  LOL