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Success Cannot Allow Anything Less


Success Cannot Allow Anything Less

Ronald Douglas Drobeck


There is so much amazing BS on all stations today. So many words all come down to a correction of honesty. Physics has its rules, nature has her rules, and both are messed with by humans, but always coming back to the rules that succeed.

Now, I’m only throwing this out there, but God doesn’t forsake one party for another! Therefore, this is humans making a correction against other humans, and dishonesty can only be carried as long as it can keep up the charade. Honesty eventually wins because sooner or later, what doesn’t work is overwhelmed by what does work.

It has to be!

Brightness will overcome darkness, intelligence will overcome anything less.

So, give me a break and admit that this is a great human adjustment toward honesty and human truthful advancement taking the power flowing toward a few and spreading it back out to the people doing the work and the forward thinking.

Soldiers are not only soldiers when we need someone to fire a bullet at the enemy.

Soldiers come in all sizes and ages and when irritated to the point of having to fight to bring it all back to the center, they fight! Success can’t allow anything less. We have moved back to opportunity.

The Obamanation in power was tolerated because of our society, but could not be allowed to advance to the next points to the negative. We are done, had enough, and are about to fix it.

These, our soldiers have done this!

Humans, given enough rope to descend, will descend, because it’s easy when there are enough to hold the rope for them. We’ve removed the rope holders, and those descending have fallen.

Now…… forward and up.

It’s much more difficult and a continuing effort, sweat, creativity, and discovery. Do not hold the rope for those that want to take the easy road.

And, one more thing! We are dragging many along with us, those that don’t go forward easily. It is our nature. It’s a good thing as it gives the opportunity for the strongest of them to join the forward march on their own.

I am sorry, but I’m not apologetic to those that cannot find the way to not be a burden. As their numbers grow, their sheer weight makes them disconnect and fall to the side and this was a huge disconnection.

Get it! I just told you………… pick yourself up, use the crutches offered if you need them, and take the positive opportunity we are presenting to you, journey with us or fall to the side.


You Are Part of the Checks and Balances (an editorial)


Checks and Balances by Ronald D. Drobeck


Isn’t it amazing how the Constitution of the United States has protected itself and it’s believers?
It’s checks and balances function has stopped a hostile president from rushing himself and the citizens into more trouble than we can handle.
What damage was done happened because our Congress was sleeping and infiltrated with enough damaged and un-American mentalities to truly test the stopgaps installed to prevent just such a dysfunctional Congress.
Much of the damage was done by enough Constitutional tampering that was in some cases innocently installed and actually attempted to defeat the stopgaps in the name of honest attempts to speed up some procedures. These tampered with rules were taken advantage of with an accelerated amount of criminality and negative manipulation. An attack by  a future administration was anticipated along the way, but certainly not expected.  It did happen! Subsidized voting, and corruption outvoted the honest vote just enough to allow truths to emerge as the Constitution defended itself.
Our Constitution is still able to defend itself today because a few good men have stood up and are allowing the ‘checks and balances’ rules to work.
I wrote this to ask those of you that understand why I wrote this, and why writing this is even necessary, to stand up and support those in our Senate and House that are fighting back.
We must better choose those that are voting, to not only repair the damage to our Constitution’s integrity, but reverse the mental downfall of American’s attitudes.
The great American Dream does not transpose down to the welfare system. We must re-instate it as, a dream, creativity, planning, hard work, and sometimes a measure of good luck.
Religion, yes religion! My backbone is mine. My religion is not a crutch. I don’t wear it on my sleeve. I do believe that we need to be strong and make up our mind what our religious rules are as a nation. Otherwise, we leave an open door through which will walk what we see now. They will use their religion as leverage in attempts to elbow their way in. Stop that at the door!
Finally, the best of America is yet to be seen and YOU are part of the checks and balances. Start defending yourself and your country!



Posturing WovesFirst published in 2009 by Ron Drobeck


In the animal world, there are leaders, followers and, wanna-bees. These groups are necessary for the survival of their species. If there were not hierarchies, there would be chaos. Posturing in groups of animals that live in packs, herds, flocks and, schools, is the way the followers and wanna-bees know who the leader is. The leaders posture confidence, experience, strength of leadership through intelligence, size or a combination of the two. The followers prostrate themselves and show submissiveness in front of the leaders. The strong followers less so and, the wanna-bees challenge and back off. All occasionally have to be reminded whom the leader is or leaders are.

When leaders lose their confidence due to illness or old age, the others can sense the weakness and either by themselves or as a group. All or one challenge the leader for the leader’s position. If the leader can be driven away or killed, the challenger or challengers become the leader and the cycle starts all over again. This is nature’s way to assure family survival by selecting the strongest to lead. It may be days, weeks, months or years, but sooner or later these new leaders will be challenged and will have to prove their leadership abilities over and over until they fail.

It seems, in the human animal world, we have been cursed with a leader trying to show strength by submissiveness. It appears to the wanna- bees as if there is a void in world leadership. Suddenly, we have mouthy little wanna-bees all over the place. Suddenly, respect is gone and we are starting to hear things from the followers like “Maybe the United States should not try to be a world leader. It’s time for the U.S. to step down and let the new “Big Dogs” run the show.”

For decades, the United States has been a leader. We haven’t always led well, but none the less, we have advanced the world’s technologies for ourselves and other nations as they were able. The disadvantage of being the leader is, the wanna-bees are constantly attempting to take the leadership away from you whether they are capable of leading or not. They come at you from all angles. They attack your integrity, destroy your capital, discount your importance and belittle you in front of the other follower countries.

The United States has been taken over by do gooders that are not strong enough to be true leaders. The leader they have chosen to lead them has no worldly experience but, somewhat charismatic. He is an anomaly that has stirred the imaginations of weaker followers. These kinds of leaders do well until the newness wears off and the lack of experience becomes apparent.

By apologizing for the United States and hesitating with military decisions, by failing to show dynamic leadership in times of natural and man-made crisis, other worldly leaders can see the ignorance and weakness. They know how the human world works and will attempt to take over the leadership roles from the prostrating faux leader. Our flank has been exposed and our resolve is now questioned. The major challengers, along with the lesser wanna-bees, are beginning to nip. Soon they will begin to take large chunks.

Sooner or later, we’re going to have to fight our way back to the top of the pack or run. We are going to have to posture ourselves as leaders and beat back the wanna-bees and their false leader as well as the attackers from the other packs.

Can we meet the challenge of the other packs and hold our ground?

Sophomoric third world countries cannot lead. Sophomoric second or first world leaders cannot lead.

Is it time for the United States to take what has been learned in the past and lead the world with intelligence, finesse and grace?

Thank you

A Salute to Writers


thCAT4447ELook around. Everything you see, other than nature’s creations, was conceived, designed, developed and finally, manufactured by humans. In the beginning, it was one of these artists that began the process.

The hunters and the gatherers, to stay warm and feed the family, are driven to find the best hunting grounds and must see over that next hill. The need for shelter drives them to find a better cave or invent a better shelter. The instinct to survive creates group support and encourages communication and language. They literally wrote on the walls!

I’m saluting the people that communicate through the written word. Painters and sculptors communicate in their own style. A writer’s creation reflects their interpretation of something on his or her mind. This makes finished item original and easily distinguished from other writer’s creations.

So it is with writers.

If someone is needed to describe a pre-historic shelter or explain a painting or sculpture, a writer is found. If someone wants to sell a painting or statue, a different kind of writer is needed. What about the story of the artist’s life. Maybe it needs a novelist? How about a story about the knight and the dead dragon in the painting? A fiction/fantasy writer would be required.

A genre has specialists with their own recognizable styles. The variables of talent, sense of humor, timing, and more, take the scale of variables “to infinity and beyond!” Now compound this by the number of genres and you would think that the number of outstanding reading creations would be so large, we would never have to read the same book twice, see the same movie over, and Hollywood would have scripts lined up for the next fifty years.

Not so! Movie marquees constantly advertise a redo of The Three Musketeers, Robin Hood, Frankenstein, or Journey to the Center of the Earth for instance. There are many, many more. Redoes work sometimes because new minds have never seen the original of these classics and, if they don’t read, never get to know these stories unless they go to the theater. But, the remakes are being marketed to these people for the second and third time. Why?

With the economy struggling, and the cost of making a first rate feature so high, movie companies don’t want to take the risk and spend a bundle of money on a loser. They believe the tried and true will make a buck without rolling the dice. They just don’t get those ‘knock your socks off’ stories anymore, so they have no choice.

I maintain there is a shortage of imaginative writers in that industry. That industry is a closely knit group, and as I mentioned, follow extremely rigid formats.

I salute the author that can break those barriers, and become successful in that industry. The time is ripe for the skillful and imaginative writer to submit the next Toy Story, Star Wars, or The Princess Bride.

Okay, so I have high aspirations!

If you are a writer that does not have these “high aspirations”, and your words are a release of some sort, I salute you also. What an inexpensive cathartic! You have discovered that creating satisfies a primal survival instinct.

Could it be the hunter maybe? A gatherer for certain!