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Short Story #0318 Josh and Julie (photo art short story)


Once Upon A Time



“Oh Josh!”
“Oh Julie, Julie, Julie!!!!” as he proceeds with a flourish ….
Ohhhhhhh ohhhhhh JOSH!!!!!!







….. and so, he did and she did,









….. while unbeknownst to them, their Fairy Princess,

from the yellow fairy clan, had been watching from above.

She cast a ‘forever and ever’ spell on them.

And they lived happily ever after.




Oh brother!!!

The Beginning                                                                                                                                             The End











A Tease of Nectar (photo art)


In the wind, I’ve pursued what I felt I had to.
No help. Just me. My muse is snoozing.
When that happens, I switch to me! So, I safari’d into my backyard and took about 40 shots between two different cameras and three different lenses and patience.
It came down to what I already knew, suspected, went back to, and got.
The shot of my first sunflower of the year giving me a great ‘show’. Here’s what I, myself, picked as my photo of the day, maybe the week, ….. from my back yard. Hope you enjoy.
I shall call it….. “A Tease of Nectar”
My D7200 and my 85mm macro lens from about 12″. It’s the camera’s focus at f8. I didn’t look at the other numbers. …………. I was too amazed by all of the internal parts going on here!!!!



After the ‘Masters’ golf today, I got serious and traced my forest floor traveler on some reclaimed fencing.
She’s my original character.
Surprised by me as she comes out from behind a tree, I’ll back off a bit and let her pass.
I can place her coming from behind a tree, a fence post, or a plant.
We will meet again in a water color soon, maybe from behind that mushroom.
You can’t see the tracing on the wood except when standing with the light just right, so I put up the original to give you the idea.
Of course, once I’m satisfied that I’ve got her face the way I want, to scale flora will begin to appear.
She’s not very tall, maybe 18 inches.
Something I’ve always wanted to do.
Shall I name her Naome?
What do you think?

I just changed it to Naome.

Shroom Creatures (Photo art)


This morning at light, I was allowed to find these Shroom creatures from Pandora/ Avatar. They had landed in Kenzie’s flowers which, if you know the movie, was apropos. They came to make contact with something of Kenzie’s.
So, I caught them before they flew away back to Pandora and the ‘tree of life’ with their discovery! rdd