A Tease of Nectar (photo art)


In the wind, I’ve pursued what I felt I had to.
No help. Just me. My muse is snoozing.
When that happens, I switch to me! So, I safari’d into my backyard and took about 40 shots between two different cameras and three different lenses and patience.
It came down to what I already knew, suspected, went back to, and got.
The shot of my first sunflower of the year giving me a great ‘show’. Here’s what I, myself, picked as my photo of the day, maybe the week, ….. from my back yard. Hope you enjoy.
I shall call it….. “A Tease of Nectar”
My D7200 and my 85mm macro lens from about 12″. It’s the camera’s focus at f8. I didn’t look at the other numbers. …………. I was too amazed by all of the internal parts going on here!!!!


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