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Ron’s World Famous Ham Bone Soup


Ron’s World Famous Ham Bone Soup

(for dat cold, vindy, vinter day in da heartland)

One left over ham bone with plenty meat left on it so you can make this soup!

Cover with water in your favorite soup pot

Simmer 1 hr.

Cut the meat from the bone in large, bite size pieces

Put them back in the water….discard bone

Slice or chunk appropriate amount of cabbage (try a quarter and see how you like it),  sliced carrots (4 lg), and diced, white  potatoes (at least 3 med)

The amount depends on ham bone size and amount of meat.

Adjust the water.

Add 1 can drained french cut green beans, 1 small pkg. frozen peas, fair amount of onion, 6oz. of tomato juice

Salt and pepper to taste

Simmer ‘till done (4-5 hrs.)

You just about can’t fail at this one….I throw a little catsup (tsp.+) in my bowl…I think it’s the vinegar in the catsup the gives it extra zip. (try without catsup…you can always add it later)

Make grilled cheese sandwiches on thick French Bread basted with garlic butter.

Dip the sandwiches in the soup. 

I guarantee this will chase the chills right out through your heels!….rdd 

In da valley in da vinter time ven da vin blows on der vindow panes, and da vimen write der velosephies in da vestabule of da Viking Hotel……ah ah Vimen…..ah ah Men