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There Are Great Americans


There Are Great Americans

     13886917_10201841372151490_3058085777970574143_nThere is a kind of American, not driven solely by his/her religion, political party, disease, morays and morals, and temperament, that understand the gears of machinery, the variations of a human mind, the ideal society that cannot be achieved, but bettered, the cultures and subcultures of the existing society, the honesty of what it takes to make an imperfect engine run, that is able to artfully disassemble and re-assemble the imperfect gears and meters to keep that engine running as smoothly as it is capable with the technology at hand.
          There is not just one, but millions of them.
          They are in the family, village, town, city, county and state.
          They are artists in their own right!
          Bless them and clear the way for them for your own, and everybody’s good.
          Then, there are those that attempt to destroy all of the above, every second of their being.
          Deal with them as necessary.
          I’ve known both.
Ronald Douglas Drobeck