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The Duck Suits


The Duck Suits

So, some brilliant chicken suits in Fowl City have decided to have a discussion about the police profiling of ducks who may be carrying and spreading ‘foot and beak’ disease in their droppings.
It was decided that even though it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck on a Chickentown street, it cannot be stopped or questioned until after it ‘unloaded’ on a Chickentown sidewalk in plain view of everybody.

All Chickentown leaders have to follow the new mandated protocols commanding that, until damage is done, and foot and beak disease has spread throughout the area known as Chickentown, the police must ‘ignore’ all ducks.

In another vote, it was decided that it is still lawful for Chickentown cops to stop and question suspicious crowing and clucking chicken residents for non-licensed laying!

Meanwhile, down at the Duck Suit Store, and knowing that ducks can not be stopped, questioned, or ‘harassed’, …… duck suit sales are booming!