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My Sincere ‘Walking in the Rain’ Poem Really!


My Sincere Walking in the Rain  (#3 of 3,) Really!  The Best of the Good, Better, Best trilogy.

From leaves the rain would pour,
And rap my cap with a pop.
It sounded like bare knuckles
On an oak table top.

First one drop, then two,
Then a bunch in a row,
And an uncountable shower,
When the chill wind would blow.

Along with the rain,
The leaves came cascading down.
The red yellow leaves flutter,
Then stick to the ground.

It’s the everywhere rumble,
That shakes loose the drizzle.
It’s the rhythm of wipers,
And tires when they ssssizzle.

The message is clear
With this autumn weather,
An end of one time,
And the start of another.

I waited all summer
For the feeling it sends,
Have to admit, I’ll
Be sad when it ends.

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