The I-10 Machine (ribbon of highway)


The I-10 Machine

Good Morning. 11/05/2017
Three trips to and through the Phoenix area last week on the amazing I-10 grinder and it’s humans!
I don’t go west much from Tucson and from Tucson, I-10 Right is much different from I-10 Left.
When traveling I-10 Left, you actually travel farther and farther away from immediate help if you should need help.
I-10 Right increases in population radically and there are signs and warnings, constant construction and changes, overpasses and suddenness.
I am grateful that the Google lady grew up as the difficulty in finding baseball fields and addresses in Phoenix grew more difficult.
If I had driven alone, with no navigator, I would have had to take off two hours earlier as I slowly eliminated all the wrong turns possible and missed correct turns by being in the wrong lane with other vehicles obstructing quick decisions.
I mean, I would have made it except alone trips would have been more of baseball games. Win ….. lose. LOL
With my nice lady on Google, I had no fear of leaving the end of a game tired with a 1 hour and 45 minutes drive back to my own bed.
Listen to the nice lady…. LOL


Overflocking (inspirational)



Remembering that I grew up in a time when we replaced the Canadian goose eggs with plaster of Paris eggs to prevent the DDT fragile eggshells from being crushed while the effects of DDT were wearing down after it’s ban.
I am a conservative maybe and, (in the sense of realistic conservationist), constitutionalist.
I’m not saying Republican/Radically Christianized non-believer.
I’m saying that learning from nature has been an important part of my upbringing no matter what left turn humans tried to wash me in.
So now, having said that, growing up as I did, being an observer and growing up within a curious, Bible belt, farming, hunter gatherer culture had its effects on me.
So, I’m going to ask you to think about this. I’m not asking you to saturate yourself in it. I’m not asking you to not believe in what you believe!
I’m asking you to think about overpopulation of humans. I’m asking you to think about the cruelty of raising flocks of them that have no hope of ‘quality of life’ for any one or dozens of reasons.
I remember that we boosted populations of other species until they became infectious due to over population. I remember that we artificially increased their numbers so high, they began to die from enteritis and other diseases. I remember when we had to increase the harvest to decrease numbers to within health positive numbers.

There is a whole lot to think about here. I have to stop now to let the people that can understand this, think about it! Fortunately there are many of you that do understand that we are killing ourselves from many different directions.
So, today and on, be a good steward of ourselves and the earth. Don’t let it drive you crazy, but do what you can do to educate, self-medicate your own stewardship of yourself and everything around you, give yourself some credit for what you do, and brain think while using your heart think as a filter! rdd
Herein lies the lesson for today. 11:03:17

By Special request: Old Rivers preformed by Jerry Berens’ (Walter Brennan cover)


There was a short time when it was just JB and me. And once in a while, we’d go out to a house party to perform. This time, we were invited to play at  the Seaton’s lake home near Loveland. We had a lot of fun. A lot of what we did was taped and you’ll get to hear stuff that we can’t find other recordings of. Thanks to the Reverend and Debi Corkins, we’ve had a request for this.:

Old Rivers