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I've read, learned, been discriminated against, patronized, lied to, laughed at, laughed with, and ignored. I'm not a minority, not tall, not good looking, not skinny, not hairy, and can see 10 miles, but not two feet. I've been a paperboy, college student, licensed nursing home administrator, professional musician (country swing drummer), duck and goose hunter, fisherman, conservationist, Eagle scout, camp counselor, canoeing instructor, lifeguard, comedian, restaurant owner, licensed exterminator, insurance agent, warehouse manager, carpenter, conservative, father of 4, baseball coach, husband, worrier, writer, embryo gardener, photographer, and nice guy. now, old.

Daily Post 02.10.2021 Wednesday 11:54am


Good Morning!

Whew … Just made it! 11:54am

I’m still Imagining this one! Just finished morning chores. The dishes are washing and the groceries are put away.

Allergy headache, but still doable without taking anything for it.

It’s Now or Never (Elvis Cover)

Here’s Jerry Berens! (just click on that title

Daily Post Tuesday 02.09.2021 3:39PM


Good Afternoon!


Well, I hope I’m not Don Quixote!!! LOL

Yes, I’ve been missing!

Chores, bike riding (12+miles yesterday), and yard stuff.

Today, proctoring Kenzie. The internet was out when she got here @6:30 this morning,

We made due after she was left with me. The internet came on right before the school came

on line three minutes earlier than my internet started up. By the time I booted up and got on the right

page, the school was gone. … So Kenzie and I went on with the very busy work book assignment.

We did pretty good too considering the late start. We did get on line and did some of the on line


So, considering that I have been gone busy, here’s a special! Actually, another award winner I got from many years ago. I hope you enjoy



Click on the story title below

The Song of the Haberdasher (My ‘Luck ‘O’ the Irish Short Story) | Ronald D. Drobeck (


Heading home from my 12+ mile bike ride up and down through the desert flood plain yesterday. I live on the other side of those golf club poles and I-10 right in front of me.

Have a nice day!

Daily Post, Saturday 02.06.2021 5:45am


Good Morning

2nd cup of coffee:

From there, we got this far:

One day, I took Brian and Scott to the little park near hour house.

We spent an hour hitting off the tee and live throwing, and decided to find somewhere else to practice throwing as others wanted the back stop for their kids.

At some point, I placed a glove in a bush and stepped off 30 feet, and challenged Brian to knock that glove out of the bush with the promise that I would buy him a brand new bat.

I didn’t have the money for a new bat, but that kid fired that ball and knocked that glove out of that bush.

I was amazed and tickled!

But now I had to find the money for a new bat.

I did find the money, and rewarded him with that new aluminum bat.

For years, Brian and Scott had the best equipment available to the point where, when they went up to bat in high school, their bats never left the plate.

Each kid would hit, lay the bat down on the way to first and the next kid would pick that bat up.

One school even tried to steal that bat from our ‘visitor’ dugout at their school.

We caught them trying to throw a tarp over it at the end of the game.

I replaced that bat at least four times through warranties and purchases. Over $200 a piece at that time.

Brian continued to play ball into his thirties until he got too worn out and injured but he batted 427 in high school and received both the offense and defense awards for his senior year.

Scott pitched college ball and at one time was on the highway billboard in Duluth to advertise for the summer league.

There’s much more to this story, but what I’m saying is: give them an open door to do their best at what they love.

We played ball 11 months out of the year here in Tucson.

So may wins and defeats, ups and downs … just like life!

P.S. I never asked them to play … they just started and never quit, and are still that way about everything they do.

All four of my kids drive ‘it’ forward.

I didn’t have a dad around, but putting that glove in that bush just seemed the right thing to do. … Take the Challenge!

My nature. It just seems the right thing to do! rdd

That photo: Lyle, Hank, and Julian Bue … my grandad and 2 of his kids … Hank and Julian are in the South Dakota baseball hall of fame.

Of course you have stories. Of course my other two have been successful!

Why did I tell this story? Because, looking back, I am amazed, as it flew through my mind this morning at second cup of coffee.

Brian’s pinned scar from when he snapped his upper arm in two during a throw from center field, after pitching hard for 6 innings while playing adult civilian summer league. … tough ball.

Have a nice day!


Daily Post, Friday 02.05.21 2:45pm


Good Afternoon!

Ha! …. I’ve been busy.


Here’s a tune from me to you for a Friday afternoon.



I’ve been saving this memory (about the TownHouse) for a Friday night. It makes my heart k-thump thump!

I carry up near the front of my brain so it can fall out any time it wishes.

Tonight it fell out for all of you to enjoy! I hope!

The Stories Those Walls Told | Ronald D. Drobeck (


Good Evening!

Daily Post … 02.04.21 6:44am


Good Morning!

A nice day in Tucson … 70’s … maybe a little breeze in the afternoon.

No morning freezes for the next week so I can leave my plants out at night! Yeaaaaa!

This may be the end of the ‘freezes’ for the season!

Pete the Perch sees his shadow! 6 more weeks of ice fishin’ up Nort’!

Pete the perch saw his shadow. 6 more weeks of ice fishing!

Dudes … one of my three ‘Early Alarm’ guard dogs! All packages and people turning to my front door will be announced loudly!

Daily Post, Wednesday 02.03.2021 … 5:30am


Good Morning

Remember! In the end, being of sound mind, decisions about you are up to YOU!

Stop and think!

I mean, actually, stop what you are doing and think your way to a solution!

Not just ‘heart think’, but heart think and brain think, give it some alone time and think again!

Let yourself breathe through until you are positive that at that moment in time, you’ve bested the problem.


He jumps up on the fence, looks over the situation, and clucks! Then up come the rest! Fun to watch.


I’ll sing for you! Not a problem.

The Water Is Wide

Click on the title of this old Scottish folk tune.



Good morning …

A beautiful weather day in Tucson.

Kenzie had a good school day yesterday. I figured out how to hook her little school computer to the speaker system on the TV with an extension input cord.

NOW she can hear what the teachers are saying during the live portions!

She’s got a nice little desk top school going now.

We put her schedule on a white board with a clock sitting right next to it and she has to tick (check off) each assignment as she finishes it.

She loves it. … I handed her responsibility for herself, by convincing her to use Kenzie’s brain and not grandpa’s brain.

She has risen to the challenge, with gentle persuasion. LOL

Every day now, we exceed and succeed.

The object, right? Her little brain is quick if you teach her the ‘object’ of the exercise.

“To grow you and your brain!” A training exercise while you grow.

… and then we bake cookies.

… if you work hard for neatness, and correctness, then you get cookies!

She charges in with enthusiasm!

This is good for me! rdd


Have a nice day!

Tuesday Daily Post 02.02.2021 5:56am


I’ve been up since 4am. All slept out … good sleep!

80º here today! Some showers wandering around.

Mornin’ …. 2nd Cup of coffee. I’m ready to go! I’ve got Kenzie as a 1st grade student today. I’ll be taking a nap by 4pm! LOL


Stop Biden from touching the wall and anything related to immigration!!! He does not know what he’s doing!

The border and immigration system are going to be over run and crime along the border will imbed itself deep into this side of the border.

TODAY and everyday, watching the first line caretakers that are doing the Covid intense labor, I thank these people.

They had a full time job before this came along, and yet there are still local, state, and internal inspections on top of the added ‘special care’ addons!

Thank them when you see them on the street. Buy their coffee, or quick sandwich … what ever it takes to take a bit of the edge off.


I love this lens!


I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You

Here’s Jerry Berens (JB)

(Just click on the song title)

It’s Now or Never (Elvis Cover)


HAVE A NICE DAY!!!! I hope you enjoy my post!