My Ism’s


Crooked people tend to collide more often because they can’t go straight!

Like soldiers advancing into battle, not knowing if they were going to come out of this one alive, we have to take the chance that the mass of good will overcome the mass of bad. There are NO guarantees! …. Fortunately, there is a weakness in bad that bad can’t overcome, which gives us the edge in the end. Unfortunately, we are forced  to do the battle. rdd 07/29/16 VOTE

About Ronald D. Drobeck

I've read, learned, been discriminated against, patronized, lied to, laughed at, laughed with, and ignored. I'm not a minority, not tall, not good looking, not skinny, not hairy, and can see 10 miles, but not two feet. I've been a paperboy, college student, licensed nursing home administrator, professional musician (country swing drummer), duck and goose hunter, fisherman, conservationist, Eagle scout, camp counselor, canoeing instructor, lifeguard, comedian, restaurant owner, licensed exterminator, insurance agent, warehouse manager, carpenter, conservative, father of 4, baseball coach, husband, worrier, writer, embryo gardener, photographer, and nice guy. now, old.

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