My Mother-n-Law’s Buns (recipe)


My Mother-n-Laws Buns
As interpreted by Ronald D. Drobeck

I had to use the skills I save for those times that require more than the daily survival
trickery and deceit, to pry this recipe from my wife’s family stash.

I also had to promise that the EXACT technique be honored, which explains a few
of the procedural peculiarities from a lady that “shuts on the light”. Also, because
my wife has done so well following my procedural instructions when needed, I
feel obliged to do as she says, as I hope you will too!

We begin:

Combine the following in a medium mixing bowl
1¾ cups scalded milk
½ cup vegetable oil
½ cup sugar
3 tsp. salt

Blend and then add
5 cups very warm water
Blend in 2 beaten eggs
Followed by 4 cups of All Purpose Flour

Now add:
5 tsp. quick rise yeast (same as 3 pkgs.)
Add more flour
Let rise for 20 minutes
Add more flour and knead until the sticky is gone (my total is usually 17/18 cups of flour)
Rub dough with oil
Put warm water in a warming bowl
Place the mixing bowl on the warming bowl and cover with a light dish towel
Let rise to almost overflowing the bowl
Knock down
Recharge the warm water in the bottom bowl
Let the dough rise to almost overflowing the bowl
Cut off 2” balls from the dough ball (sharp knife or pastry shears)

At this point, I was told that my Mother-n-Law’s Buns require an artful, touchy,
feely caress to achieve a consistent and desired result!

Knead each ball from the outside edge under, outside edge under

Space the 2” dough balls on a greased or sprayed cookie sheet
Let rise for two hours (covered with a light towel)
Pre-heat the oven to 400° when within 15 minutes of baking
Bake for 13 to 14 minutes or until golden brown

These buns freeze well, and when warmed in a microwave correctly, taste, feel, and
smell as if fresh from the oven. I’ve used them for Sloppy Joes, egg salad
sandwiches, and sopping up gravy, but my favorite way to eat these is with peanut
butter and butter! Enjoy….rdd


About Ronald D. Drobeck

I've read, learned, been discriminated against, patronized, lied to, laughed at, laughed with, and ignored. I'm not a minority, not tall, not good looking, not skinny, not hairy, and can see 10 miles, but not two feet. I've been a paperboy, college student, licensed nursing home administrator, professional musician (country swing drummer), duck and goose hunter, fisherman, conservationist, Eagle scout, camp counselor, canoeing instructor, lifeguard, comedian, restaurant owner, licensed exterminator, insurance agent, warehouse manager, carpenter, conservative, father of 4, baseball coach, husband, worrier, writer, embryo gardener, photographer, and nice guy. now, old.

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