Ron’s World Famous BBQ Ribs


Ron’s World Famous BBQ Ribs

Here is a pork rib recipe that can be barbecued all winter because ninety percent of it is done inside. It is only finished outside on the grill for the forty-five minutes before serving. That can even be shortened to fifteen minutes if it’s downright nasty outside. Of course, this recipe works great all summer, can be prepared ahead of time, and ‘finished’ at the lake.

Several racks of thawed or fresh pork ribs (I usually do four at a time)

Your favorite rub (I use Masterpiece BBQ Seasoning)

Enough of your favorite ‘mop on’ BBQ sauce to cover your ribs a couple of coats


I remove the membrane on the back side of the ribs. This helps the rub soak in from both sides.

I put my rub in a bowl, so I don’t contaminate the rub container with my hands. Rub a liberal amount on both sides of the ribs. This depends on the strength of your rub. Mine is medium to mild. The Hickory/Mesquite stuff from Costco is potent, and there is everything in between.

Wrap the rack of ribs in the thick, extra wide foil and seal the ends by folding. I’ve used the lesser foil by joining two pieces together.

You have two choices here. Both have worked for me. Place the wrapped ribs on a cookie sheet or sheets in a 300° oven for two hours, or 225° oven for three hours. The object is to get the ribs slightly separating from the bone. The time will depend on whether you put the ribs in the oven from refrigerator temp. or from room temp. Room temp works best for me.

When the ribs are tender, remove them from the oven and place the whole cookie sheet on cookie cooling racks. Let the ribs rest! Do not open the foil until the steam is no longer coming out and you are barely able touch them. (cooling ribs suck in the sauce as they cool)

Carefully open the foil, so you don’t lose liquid, slather your sauce mainly on the front of the ribs, reseal and put them in the refrigerator. As long as they are sealed they will be ok for a couple of days.

When you are ready to ‘finish’ on your grill, take them out of the refrigerator a little ahead of time, place the foil sealed ribs on the grill for ½ hour on medium. When you think they are heated through, you can hear them sizzling, take the foil off, and turn with layers of heat and sauce. When they look fantastic, remove to the eatin’ table.

This is easier than it looks. This recipe has never failed me……enjoy!


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