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Success Cannot Allow Anything Less


Success Cannot Allow Anything Less

Ronald Douglas Drobeck


There is so much amazing BS on all stations today. So many words all come down to a correction of honesty. Physics has its rules, nature has her rules, and both are messed with by humans, but always coming back to the rules that succeed.

Now, I’m only throwing this out there, but God doesn’t forsake one party for another! Therefore, this is humans making a correction against other humans, and dishonesty can only be carried as long as it can keep up the charade. Honesty eventually wins because sooner or later, what doesn’t work is overwhelmed by what does work.

It has to be!

Brightness will overcome darkness, intelligence will overcome anything less.

So, give me a break and admit that this is a great human adjustment toward honesty and human truthful advancement taking the power flowing toward a few and spreading it back out to the people doing the work and the forward thinking.

Soldiers are not only soldiers when we need someone to fire a bullet at the enemy.

Soldiers come in all sizes and ages and when irritated to the point of having to fight to bring it all back to the center, they fight! Success can’t allow anything less. We have moved back to opportunity.

The Obamanation in power was tolerated because of our society, but could not be allowed to advance to the next points to the negative. We are done, had enough, and are about to fix it.

These, our soldiers have done this!

Humans, given enough rope to descend, will descend, because it’s easy when there are enough to hold the rope for them. We’ve removed the rope holders, and those descending have fallen.

Now…… forward and up.

It’s much more difficult and a continuing effort, sweat, creativity, and discovery. Do not hold the rope for those that want to take the easy road.

And, one more thing! We are dragging many along with us, those that don’t go forward easily. It is our nature. It’s a good thing as it gives the opportunity for the strongest of them to join the forward march on their own.

I am sorry, but I’m not apologetic to those that cannot find the way to not be a burden. As their numbers grow, their sheer weight makes them disconnect and fall to the side and this was a huge disconnection.

Get it! I just told you………… pick yourself up, use the crutches offered if you need them, and take the positive opportunity we are presenting to you, journey with us or fall to the side.


Choose Your Future America


Choose Your Future America

So, here are your choices:

You can let the U.N. follow through with its ‘New World Order’ where you’ll have to divide everything you’ve have, will have, and will create to the countries that cannot do for themselves. In the beginning, until it all evens out and they infiltrate your country with their failed ways, you will have to absorb all of the garbage the other countries have created, and then fill in their garbage holes with your stuff.


You can have everything taken from you by mean, and nasty power people, who will take by force, so that you have nothing to give, and there won’t be a country left that can contribute doctors, food, and disaster help when needed because we won’t have anything to give.


You can fight this, remain America, growing, creating, saving, and by sending medical help, disaster relief, technology and hope. We can educate and create stasis by teaching population control, planet stewardship, protection, and grow into the future at a faster pace.
You choose! The time is right here, right now!