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03.01.21 First Cup of Coffee Monday 7:14am


Good Morning

As you can see, I’ve already been reading and posting on “One Cup of Coffee, which may be the Title to my new posts!

My ‘Daily Post’ has fallen by the wayside as there weren’t enough readers to justify the time I’ve spent each day. Still, it was fun and probably will re-titling it to be less confining.
I hope you all enjoyed reading “The Big Wind” I posted and re-posted up for you.
I get Kenzie in ‘Grandpa’s School’ two more times, and then after next week they go into spring break at which time they are attempting FULL TIME actual school.
In all, a great adventure for me these weeks.
I graduated from completely nervous to reasonably comfortable with a 1st grader that can suddenly fall out of her chair, and then just as suddenly, reason her way through a math problem.
Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle with a smile and extreme tolerance. LOL
So, have a nice day and continue to evolute!

Try not to trash our planet, try not to procreate, but practice all you want! rdd


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