First Cup of Coffee Wednesday 3.3.21 5:55am


Good Morning

Yesterday’s humidity was 5%. My skin was like lizard skin so I’m oiled up today.

Our winds will pick up this afternoon as a probably rain front will move through, hopefully!

I know this seems a strange report for a post here, but Tucson has ‘Snowbirds’ and escapers from everywhere right now,

and Spring Baseball is beginning in Phoenix!

Lyle, Hank, and Julien Bue … Hank (my grandfather), and Julien are in the South Dakota baseball ‘Hall of Fame’!

Scott and his girlfriend Samantha are heading for Salt River Stadium in Phoenix to see the Diamondbacks and Angel’s spring game on Thursday. 

There are 10 active spring training fields in Phoenix and I’ve been to all of them for Seniors Summer league World Series games over the years.

 It looks good for a normal baseball season this summer as things loosen up!

Scott, myself, Brian 

Liberal drama to the left of me and liberal drama to the right of me, with our weak conservatives mixed in, are feeding the lame media paychecks IS the Big News. Oof!!!!

Stay free … Have a nice day.


About Ronald D. Drobeck

I've read, learned, been discriminated against, patronized, lied to, laughed at, laughed with, and ignored. I'm not a minority, not tall, not good looking, not skinny, not hairy, and can see 10 miles, but not two feet. I've been a paperboy, college student, licensed nursing home administrator, professional musician (country swing drummer), duck and goose hunter, fisherman, conservationist, Eagle scout, camp counselor, canoeing instructor, lifeguard, comedian, restaurant owner, licensed exterminator, insurance agent, warehouse manager, carpenter, conservative, father of 4, baseball coach, husband, worrier, writer, embryo gardener, photographer, and nice guy. now, old.

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