Daily Post … 02.18.2021 Thursday 8:03am


Good Morning

It’s tough to watch any news right now. There’s not a lot of good stuff happening. 99% of those in the news are repeat offenders and their prosecutors are also offenders so …!!!!

More at the bottom of this page!

And I’m susceptible to fighting battles that I can’t help win other than trying to be

creative some way, some how!

So, here goes for today:


A terra cotta sculpture of Jesse when he was young and I wanted to show him his eternal daily pouty expression. I got him to sit for one hour … a battle! Now it turns out, he was just being deep!

It sits in the laundry room. I never fired it because I was just playing, but Kathy likes it.

That’s laundry room dust covering him. I should have done more of this. It just falls off my fingers.


All of the other people had bulldogs and huskies, pinchers and shepards … I had little Maxie… Hiding.



Awake at 4am anxious for the day!

Still seething from the lies from Biden and his Vice, about Covid vaccines and vaccinations in motion.

You can expect more now that they’ve shown themselves.


Something that Rush Limbaugh said went somethin like:

Liberals look out over the crowd and see cash cows and votes to keep them in power.

Conservatives look out over the Nation and see ‘Potential’ for greatness!

I’ve seen several variations of this and I like this one.

and another… The pain of freedom!

So many …

About Ronald D. Drobeck

I've read, learned, been discriminated against, patronized, lied to, laughed at, laughed with, and ignored. I'm not a minority, not tall, not good looking, not skinny, not hairy, and can see 10 miles, but not two feet. I've been a paperboy, college student, licensed nursing home administrator, professional musician (country swing drummer), duck and goose hunter, fisherman, conservationist, Eagle scout, camp counselor, canoeing instructor, lifeguard, comedian, restaurant owner, licensed exterminator, insurance agent, warehouse manager, carpenter, conservative, father of 4, baseball coach, husband, worrier, writer, embryo gardener, photographer, and nice guy. now, old.

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