Tuesday Daily Post 02.02.2021 5:56am


I’ve been up since 4am. All slept out … good sleep!

80º here today! Some showers wandering around.

Mornin’ …. 2nd Cup of coffee. I’m ready to go! I’ve got Kenzie as a 1st grade student today. I’ll be taking a nap by 4pm! LOL


Stop Biden from touching the wall and anything related to immigration!!! He does not know what he’s doing!

The border and immigration system are going to be over run and crime along the border will imbed itself deep into this side of the border.

TODAY and everyday, watching the first line caretakers that are doing the Covid intense labor, I thank these people.

They had a full time job before this came along, and yet there are still local, state, and internal inspections on top of the added ‘special care’ addons!

Thank them when you see them on the street. Buy their coffee, or quick sandwich … what ever it takes to take a bit of the edge off.


I love this lens!


I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You

Here’s Jerry Berens (JB)

(Just click on the song title)

It’s Now or Never (Elvis Cover)


HAVE A NICE DAY!!!! I hope you enjoy my post!

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