Saturday 01/16/2021 daily post


Good Morning to you.

Not a good morning for America! We are at war!

Do you realize that if they print money for enough to pay out 2 Trillion dollars, that deflates your savings and working dollar all the way to your retirement?

That means inflation prices you will pay as the retail adjusts, and the reduction in the value of your own hard earned dollar is like a double whammy!

Now with the talk of them judging who will get the $1400, $1600, or $2000, they are going to steal from your value and send it to those others.

Their judgement of you. We can’t take our gift of $2000 and place it in the places that will keep with inflation and least holding its own through the stock market or other inflation accounting tools.

These are bullets they are firing at those that found a way to remain employed and be fruitful folks.


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As Time Goes By 



See you minana amigo!

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