Monday 1/11/21


Good Morning

68 views here yesterday! Thanx you guys. 

My Art


Dog Day Noon, Tucson


After One evening off of Facebook, turning it over, turning it over, turning it over, and many requests that I come back on, … my mind reasoned that missing your comments and contributions to my life and psyche drove me to use this wonderful art sponsored as a side note to a planned nasty end.
You were baited as fodder to add to their numbers, but turned this mediums sideroad into a very great thing.
I’ll eat that for these benefits. … But also consider, I will attempt to manage my website’s posts to say my piece and people can either choose to go there or not, as I develop it’s and my abilities.
We have followers on Facebook that need this space as a more cordial medium for important feeling of belonging to something.
Let’s use it better than expected.
I could go on and on with this, and leave that political and fighting part of me to my website. That part of me is only a portion of my other contributions, and will be combined with the rest of me not necessarily shared on here.
I will share other peoples posts in all disciplines, i.e. humor, sarcasm, relevant points about everything as I wish. … If I become a bother to you, you’ve got choices.
Please remove me from your thread.
I remove people that threaten me if I feel that it is generated from ignorance.
I feel no guilt about censoring anybody from MY thread as it seems that it works both ways.


Sept, 2017 Beckett having a bad moment (I think one of the dogs surprised him) They don’t bite but do what I call toothing with delight!

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