Sunday 01/10/21 a daily post


Good Sunday Morning!

Who’s got the back of us 73,000,000? Who’s got the voice of 73 million? 


I’m here without the mother of all jerks, Zuckerberg!

52 readers today

With none one of his filters, I’m not going to make him more money by entertaining for him. Really, I had no choice and cancelled all of the other social medias to start over with this, my own website, that I’ve owned for many years.

I just upgraded this morning and have to learn the new things I can do with it like open chat and videos formats. It might take me awhile so in the meantime, enjoy my posts on here. I’ll try to attend it every day except for the days I don’t want to or can’t because of other obligations. Somedays I may post really late, and somedays I may pre-write the day before set to come up the next morning on their own.

We’ll see how this works!

Remember! I can add more during the day so check once in awhile.

Welcome Wilmot Nursing home! I love it.

So, save this site in your saves so you can get to me with one touch in your library. It should speed up my music and posts as I have no one else editing me or telling me that it’s been sent but really hasn’t.

Yesterday, there were 52 views of this site. … I never get that many from Facebook! The project is to keep you interested and entertained. rdd


My personal battle … comment

Where do 73 million Conservatives and Trumpers go to express themselves. I’m sure from first time curiosity. But some are letting me know that they are disappointed in me dropping Facebook. … Yes! I am reconsidering!!!! Again. This has been a difficult decision and is again.

If I look at it as if I’m using he and his organization, maybe I can do this. …  You guys certainly have your routines. … And apparently, I am one of them.

So, maybe I should stay on Facebook while I’m developing my website to be as interactive as Facebook is, just without the damage to America and the Constitution. That way, if Facebook does get sanctioned by the FCC along with other fates they shall see, I’ll be ready.

So Pat! … I think I’ll go back on Facebook (without my address showing) for the moment using it as Marquee and a doorway to my site and what I really think.

By the way, an old curmudgeon that decided to tell me that if I have a MAGA cap or a Trump sticker on my vehicle  or in my yard, I will be his mortal enemy! … He has now been show the door and I blocked him from my account. … Does that make me a censorist? … Nope … He was trespassing on my ‘private property’ just as the liberals are thinking now. To stay in the game, I will have to play their game a bit…. rdd


That Lucky Ol’ Sun (just click on the arrow for the audio)



Dogs life in Tucson today.


Gila Woodpecker at my feeder

Have a nice day! 

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