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Isn’t It Amazing? “Wandering Souls”


The moon in a hand of stardust.
My own photo … rdd

Isn’t It Amazing?

How a wandering soul
Attracts the stardust,
Allowing a conscious to be!
No soul left behind,
Soul and conscious combine,
… For a time …
And part again to be free?

Ronald D. Drobeck

(another verse to be!)

(It’s so obvious, why am I still trying to untangle life?

It’s not that complicated! rdd

(this is newly published 5 minutes ago)

I wrote the first couple of lines last summer!)

Sunday 01.31.2021 Daily Post


Good Morning

Tucson weather: Sun & 71º for the next three days!

The last day of January. No excuses, I’ve got to get some outside work done!

A stained glass case I built for my mother. It’s sitting in Watertown in storage. Has no home! Look how tall it is compared to the couch arm! It IS looking for a home!

Waiting For the Sun.



Daily Post … 01.30.2021 Saturday


Good Morning


It’s All in the Game

(Me doing a Buble’ cover)


It lasted one day! About the length of our lives.

The three photos below, last millenniums! I captured them too. In my own mushroom amount of time. rdd


This Mornings ‘Day’ Moon going down. Three distances.

I was on my way out to my truck, saw this moon and went back into the house to get my camera and tripod. Not my largest image lens, but I didn’t want that. It’s not about the pock marks.

It was about the clarity and the color of the sky this morning. I don’t get many chances to shoot here without a bunch of dirt and sand in the air. rdd


Have a nice Saturday!


Daily Post, Friday 01.29.2021


Good Morning:

Put your good headphones on!!!! I’m gunna Sing!



Me asingin’ (click on the title)

I Wanna Be Around

That clear, cold, naked moon last night more over you than me!

One of my finches, found a treat I left. … Tough photo, peeking around a corner. He saw me anyway! Quick!!!! click





Good Morning! Daily Post for 01.28.21 6:36am


Normally, my day off, but I do a lot of vital stuff on my day off!

One of them is talking to you guys! I’ll post more as the day warms up and new stuff arises with Ol’ Sol!


I caught Dudes under cover. He’s next to the cold glass yesterday morning (34º). Remember, he’s half chihuahua, but loves

to watch the street in front of our house no matter what the weather. He also sleeps in his kennel under the towels. Here he goes

in head first from the back side.

One of my four finish coat flags.

I’ll be working on a new ‘shabby chic’ flag for my own back fence. (I keep giving away or selling my own!) lol


I’m working on a new song and inventing my own macaroni salad recipe, so I’ll be busy today. There might even be golf on!

I need to get a red sweet pepper and some green onions for the macaroni salad, and it needs just a touch of spice and vinegar. I’ll get what I want.

I ate some of yesterday’s batch for breakfast this morning after it has had time to marry. It’s pretty close!

HAVE A NICE DAY! See you later.

Gees Wednesday already, 01.27.2021, damn near every day Post


Good Day!

I had Kenzie in Ron’s School until after 3pm yesterday.

We finished off her school day with baking lessons. Ron’s World Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies, over three dozen.


1st grader Kenzie, measuring the cookies with an ice cream scoop

I just sat down after cleaning the dog prints on the floor and tracked in dirt after two decent days of rain. We’ve got a couple more coming this weekend.

We’ll take it!!! The yard is cleaned up a bit also! Ran to the grocery to get a couple of things.

All is quiet for a bit so I get to post to you guys. I’m listen to some tight bluegrass front porch sliding harmonies and some fine pickin’ and eating leftovers as I write.


What I see up my street on Mt Lemmon. This next snow should open up the ski area for other than sliding. They could sure use the income!


Early Morning Rain

I had to insert a rain song here because!

(Just click on that song title)


Monday, 01.25.2021 Damned Near Daily Post


Good Morning

Sorry I missed Sunday. I was trying, but life just led me away to do other things. I’ve only got five or six reading it anyway. I had better time use value doing things that seemed to be screaming for attention, more loudly!

Looking into my shop as I work on the priming of a new shabby chic flag for my back fence. I’d been trying to get to it for several days,

and while the game was on, I could do both. Like I said, it was screaming at me to get it done.


My three at the door in my shop, waiting for Kenzie after I told them she was coming!

The waited about a half hour, lost focus and the left. She showed up about ten minutes later and

they were right on it. lol

That is Maxie the mom on the left and her two boys, Kirby (black) and D


A gentle tune from me. (A Don Williams cover.)

“Some Broken Hearts Never Mend”


Here’s a ‘Waker Upper’ …..  (A Ray Charles style cover)

I Can’t Stop Loving You


Have a nice day!


Good Morning: Saturday, 01.23.2021



Some of today’s post of fb posts are on this post. I hope it doesn’t hurt your feelings, or cause Angst, or thrill you! lol


… and in the end, if you don’t understand after all of this, and decide to tantrum, we shall gently set you down by the roadside to become weary to the end.

We shall go on without you. You have the option to get up and follow when you are done. We will leave a trail of successes for you to follow.

There! Now you are equal! Rdd 1:23:17


There is a glow in the East.

I think it’s more than the sun. Definitely hope for tomorrow.

We are being given another day, and I am grateful.

Got some UP stuff to do.

2nd cup ‘o’ Joe!

Stay strong and be amused by his daily speeches. He’s trying so hard to take Trumps glory for the Covid control even though herd immunity and distribution are going to happen whether he says a single word.

Basically, anything our government tries to control, except for a few instances where they power on through with money, is inept and slow.

Too many bosses and too many losers in high places. rdd

I think we have had enough ‘Joe’ already!

We need to drop that for awhile.

Second cup of Columbian Aravaca!

Mostly dry today … definite rain and cold tomorrow. This front is coming from way North instead of over the Pacific, so it will be chilly and probably freeze tonight.



Good Morning.

Before coffee:

First thing I heard on the news this morning was that South Dakota’s Governor announced the S.D.’s unemployment is down to 3%… one of the four lowest in the nation.

#2 … thankyou to the Washington staffs that tried to take care of our guardsmen while they are being treated like ‘throw ways’ now that they aren’t particularly needed.

Another D.C. government mess.

Bring the guardsmen home immediately.

I have a hunch that Pelosi was the one that complained about those ‘storm troopers’ in her way and sight.

Next … take her out!!!

She’s the reason why they can’t figure out who issued the order to send the guards to the parking garage!


Typical of the decomposing liberals attitude of citizens in general. Stop being their ticket!!!!

AND … thank you troops!



I Just Can’t Help Believin’ (with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra) Instrumental Version (With backing vocals)

Yep! That’s me asingin’ with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra! (Of course, I paid for the background.)

World I Used to Know

One of the first recordings from my computer studio!


Have a nice Day!

Friday, 01.22.2021, Daily Post


Good Morning Everybody!


The beginning of a new/old ‘shabby chic’ flag for my fence. This lath came from an old trellis that I disassembled, Arizona weathered, perfect. This one will look a bit 3D when I’m done. I’ve probably made a half dozed of these and sold every one of them over more fancy wooden flags. I even sold the one from my old fence.

It’ll 29×19 … 13 slats for 13 stripes and a partial star field to bring it into scale. After the paint and shading, I’ll put a couple coats of AV resistant and waterproof spar varnish on it so it can be mounted outside.

Golf will be on and I’ve got a tv in the shop, so it’s fun and I’m not wasting time. Good Friday work. Finished photos later.


Here’s something to listen to:

The Water Is Wide

(just click on the title)



My Black Hills office facing a forest where the Buffalo and Deer wander by as I’m writing. Laptop, coffee, U of A koozie with diet dew, and noise cancelling headphones. Sometimes I’ll just sit for an hour before I ever type a word, just staring at the trees and wildlife.

These are rescues that Carrie Fischer takes in. A couple are Huskie/Wolf cross. I think at one time she had over 10. I had to be introduced to each one in order of hierarchy starting with the Alpha. They are a pack and certain things have to be done according to THEIR protocol. You just don’t take chances. Once you are accepted, they each have a personality, will require a certain amount of attention or keep their eye on you. When I leave their home, I miss them. She’s got a patch of crosses where great beasts ended their good life. rdd


I love this stuff, and I love life. … Last summer, I got to ride in the back of a rolling lumberjacks pickup surrounded by RAGING Buffalo! Photos to follow … one of these days.

Have a nice day!

Oh ya, here’s

Wendell Nash


Thursday, 01.21.2021 Daily Post


Good Morning …

Sorry I’m a bit late … fixin’ and repairing this morning.

Watching a lot of 2nd day news so I can learn and sort. … I see immediate costly mistakes.


pyrrhuloxia (Southwest version of a Northern Cardinal)

I caught him on my bird feeder as they all go South passed my house in the Winter and North past us in the summer!

I just have to have some sunflower seeds around.


Here is me asingin’ again!

Fly Me To The Moon

(A Sinatra cover)


Up the street from me!

Have a nice day.