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Question Quality (article)


Find out what the professionals know!
Many of the old dependable standards of everything are no longer your grandfather’s standards.
Off the shelf products have been sold to large companies and then the quality has been reduced to meet marketing and profit demands.
Tires, batteries, roofing, furniture, ….. everything has been manufactured under specifications by the seller, not the original designer who designed and engineered to last and do what it was supposed to do!
Many of these products still have the original formulas and quality out there, but you have to search for it and don’t expect the retail price to be competitive!
Ask professionals who their suppliers are and what product you should use. If they will tell you!
I’m just sayin’, question the quality of everything and with your computer, ask the right questions to narrow everything down to the best you can afford!
It’s probably still out there, just not on the shelf two blocks away! rdd

The Ratchet and Pawl (an old political post reviseted)


New Taxes and Laws Custom Made for Each of You
(The ratchet and pawl)

The mental state of our congress today is to pass laws that continually tighten the controls on the people with laws that encroach on every area of your life. Eventually, there will be so many laws that just stepping out of your house and breathing the government’s air will be against the law unless you’ve paid an oxygen consumption tax. Do not become a ‘special needs’ breather.

Get ready for the dog doo doo laws (guess what?), fishing tax, driving laws, drinking laws, making too much money laws….get the idea. We already have these.

What’s worse is, the senate has tried to pass laws to prevent us from the changing the laws once they’re passed. Of course this is unconstitutional and probably would not stand up in court, but with the new ‘puppet’ judges that have been appointed, who knows?

The mechanism in the picture is called a ‘wheel and pawl’.

A ratchet is a wheel with teeth that lean one direction, creating a catch pocket for the lever’s (called a pawl) opposing tooth to fall in to, and lock. When the wheel is turned, the pawl’s catch drops in the next space, which locks the wheel one more ‘click’ in that direction. Notice, there is not a way to undue the click! This wheel can only advance in one direction and has no mechanism to reverse the direction.

Picture each tooth on the wheel as a law. Picture the movement of the wheel as a law being passed. As the law is passed, there is a click each time the pawl’s tooth falls into the next space. Each time you hear a ‘click’, another law has been passed, and cannot be taken back.

Every time someone says “there should be a law against that”, no matter how petty, they are expressing the desire to remove another freedom from someone. Sooner or later, there will be laws that affect you and your way of life.