My Daily Log 09/16/17 Saturday


7:04pm …. Good evening everyone! A long busy day. We need some down time this evening, then attack tomorrow with enthusiasm. I haven’t had a bourbon night for 2 weeks. Tag….. this is it. LOL Time for some Basil Hayden’s Kentucky Bourbon. I’ve tried a few including popular higher end, but settled on this smoothie! It only needs a few rocks…. and for not very long. Good night. rdd

12:54 …. Time to do the dishes.

12:11pm Wow…… Good afternoon.

I’m just sitting down to eat breakfast which is now lunch which I just changed to pastrami on a cona’ it’s to late for breakfast! I remember starting something about eight this morning and I just sat down. I’ve been making something from nothing and once I got done, I didn’t make anything from my something. Story of my life. I can just about do anything except make money. LOLOLOL But then, I never quite made money a project or I’d be rich. lol

My son gave me his pop awning that must have been taken by the wind. I straightened and repaired eight bent pieces and a couple of tears in the fabric. It is now usable as a yard sale shade for when I put my collectors cabinets out. I quit making flags until I sell a few. People slow for them, but don’t stop. Too expensive I think…. but I’m not going to make them for nothing. I do know a couple of places that are going to get them for free to be auctioned off for whatever interests me! That was one of their original intentions anyway.

Every vehicle I have is externally filthy. The sprinkles and wind have made them look like we live in the desert or something. I’ve got too many anyway. I just bought that Titan from Brian and Crystal and the Mazda B3000 has sold yet. I’m going to make that a priority next week. “Sell The MAZDA!”

I think you people set a new viewing record for my website yesterday. Lovin’ it. …….. There is a problem though! When you are a little goofy and dramatic like me, I might not recognize myself going ‘over the hill’! I mean, dislocating a clavicle will baseballing, painting sunflowers and flags, singing Scottish folk songs and anything else if feel like singing, while being 68 years old makes me wonder!!!! LOL. I wasn’t like this until my kids left the house and I had two heart attacks, a stroke, brought myself and my legs back three times, and said to myself, “HEY! Do whatever you want!” …………… I think my family wonders sometimes too. (yet I think they indulge and encourage me!)

As for you people, my great joy is to keep you guessing as to whether I’m pulling your leg, or absolutely serious….. or both at the same time. I want to assure you that I take my life, their lives, your lives very seriously and anything I can do to warm you or make you laugh or smile is exactly what I’m all about on purpose. So, remember that when you need to sit for a bit, have a sip and a clip of me. And one more thing I’m very serious about.

Please give yourself credit for the things you do or get done for other people or yourself. Your heart think made you do it! You will be blessed.

Oh ya…. one more thing……….. vertical is good!


 Oh gees…… now she’s up on the moon! It’s going to be a loooooooong night. Much writing to do. I need to get her while she’s frisky. lol

6:29pm …. good evening everyone. A busy day. I sent some music out to everyone tonight and noticed that one of the advertisements stamped on my music was a commercial for Victoria’s Secret. I’ve been found out….. made me blush! LOL Enjoy your evening and let’s see what tomorrow brings. Very relaxed here and extremely artsy. I get that way. I’ve found my timing again and my muse is running through the forest naked with joy. Have a good one. ‘night!

Good morning. I’m up. Shoulder hurts as the Ibuprofen wore off during the night. Digesting hot coffee and taking my morning regimen  a fresh dose of Ibuprofen included. I won’t take the narcotic lite that the physician gave me. I hate being groggy all day.

I saw the interview with J. J. Watt. Quite a differential from Kaepernick to J. J. Watt. WoW!!!!! Judge for yourself. One contributes to humanity, one takes away…..

The wind has stirred up the runny nose and tear filled eyes. The winds of change at last. I don’t mind the summer for 90 days or so. But now, like my outside plants…… we’ll take our 9 mos. off from it!

The Water Is Wide (click on this title to listen) ……. a carry over from yesterday. These are sent to you as maximum MP3’s. Certainly enough dynamic for good speakers or headphones. WAV takes too long for you to load, but upon request I can send out a WAV for those that want to hear tones and width. It’s the same as sending out a photograph JPEG vs. dialed in RAW photographs. More information takes longer to load, worth the time, but only as good as the receiver. I’ve got a better screen and better speakers to make sure I stay ahead of 99.9% of you. (It’s like the difference between listening to vinyl through a Technics vs. and mp3 on a $14.95 player that includes earbuds) ….. I understand.

Anyway, have a nice Friday, and lay a little ‘nice’ on someone without them knowing! I do both ways. LOLOLOLOL


Thursday Afternoon …. 1:45

The Water Is Wide (click on this title) I worked on this this afternoon. I still don’t have the harmony, yet in the grey dusk and waves, there is a harmony with the sea and the birds down deep. rdd


9:58 ….

This is sitting in a closet in Watertown. I gave it to my mother 15+ or – years ago. It was in her residence which was sold and I had to find a place for it. It needs a home!!! Thirty Six inches tall, I built the stained glass foil cabinet and the porcelain doll was made by a person who’s photo had been on the cover of ‘Doll Crafters’ magazine several times. I built dust proof cabinets for her and traded for this one as my mother collected dolls. Since in only in Watertown, I thought I’d start with my local Milbank friends. It’s value is somewhere between $650 and $1000. I don’t mean to make a profit off of this, but would trade for a 12′ fishing kayak, maybe a fold down camper to use when I’m up there visiting and fishing. Use your imagination!!!! Mention it to someone that might like things like this! LOL The cabinet is signed and dated by me because down here in Tucson, that meant something. I’ve built glass oak and mirror cabinets for 300 year old bibles, princesses crowns, kachina’s, dolls, racing memorabilia ….. I can’t list everything, but I built each one custom. So, if you have an itch for this….. let’s see what happens. Maybe yes…. maybe no. We’ll see! rdd

Here’s another example of what I’ve built. I’ve still got a white and this black iridescent one left in this 5 sided cabinet. I’ve got more just sitting around taking up space. The need to go somewhere!!!!!!

8:20 …. the bees around my hummingbird feeders are so thick, I’m afraid to let the dogs outside. I’ll have to take them down after 8pm in the morning and put them back up at sundown so the birds can feed. I have to do this every year because the bees need to change their habits.

7:18 …. Tossing and turning….. long night. The shoulder couldn’t get comfortable.

Wow…. So many viewers yesterday. I thank you all for following my ramble. I enjoy my daily updates as a kind of journal and a way to entertain you from many directions.

I’m following the fires in the Black Hills, the floods in Florida, and the disease in D.C.. I’ve read the FB posts that interest me and now prepared to make something from nothing again. LOL

We are dropping below 100°  hopefully until next July. Tomorrow morning, we are supposed to be under 70° which is our indicator of an Autumn trend. We’ll see! I was fooled a couple of weeks ago.  ……….. more camera research today ……….. more acrylic artwork today ……….. more music today, and of course chores and my gym workout.

Have a positive day. Make a positive from nothing. It can take two seconds, as a sincere “Good Morning”, or all day if you wish. It’s just waiting for you to act!

Don’t forget, you can address comments about what you read here on FB if you wish! lol …………. Talk to you later…. rdd


Wednesday …. 9/13/17 Evening matinee


The Water Is Wide (a preview for my Daily Log viewers) I’ll add the harmony later. It’s the fist time I’ve been able to record for three weeks. One track……… a small edit. Practically live.

9:41 …. Crying In The Chapel (Elvis cover)

9:40 …. Took some care loan papers to the Credit Union

Good morning everybody.

I see that the local weather people predict that our wake up temps will be in the upper 60’s. When the bottom temp goes down, the top daily temp usually follows along with some wind and the desert style autumn begins. We all try to bring out sad plants back to life from the summer oven here in ‘The Valley of the Sun’. It’s our 2nd spring really. Fun things begin to happen, the bike trails get full of people from all over the world, Midwest, and it looks like some normally East coast snowbirds will be here. We’ll do our best to keep them entertained.

Well, through nobody’s fault, life has accelerated around here. Kathy’s Adult Care organization has purchased another building and her peers and herself are involved in retraining crews, state and federal inspections, plus the normal crucial decision making involved with their occupation. All are buzzing around here and each of us has responsibilities to keep our gears running smoothly.

This includes me. No excuses…….. I have to take care of the dynamic household and other things that were planned and in motion. As the poem goes…….. ‘and promises to keep’.

So, having said that, I might as well make it official. It’s leaked out that I will not be attending my 50th class reunion in Milbank at the end of the month. With my damaged wing, I’ve slowed slightly yet I’m keeping up and have made the difficult decision to be practical. Sad but true, I must decide where to be on the rules of practicality. I do really enjoy my road trip, don’t travel fast, take photos, breathe the ambience change as I travel North. Well………………… I guess maybe next year I’ll get those new photos of the geese flying over the bridge between Big Stone City and Ortonville, cross the Missouri at Chamberlain and catch fall photo’s of ‘Dignity’ the statue there, catch the disappearing railroad track as it goes over the edge into the Whetstone Valley. (I plan a lot of my photo’s as my equipment quality allows).

I want to enjoy the trip, but this fall, too much to ignore here.

Don’t get me wrong, I won’t be suffering. I also enjoy taking care of the stuff I need to take care of……. it’s just the timing, ……….the timing and my conscious choice.

You know where to find me! I’ll do an autographed photo if you require one. I may even make a video. LOL

So snap those pics for me and tell me stories! If you want, I’ll share them on my Daily Log here. Create a masterpiece for me and I’ll make you famous!!!!!!! LOL …….. and enjoy yourselves …rdd

By the way……. that Greek Vanilla Yogurt I made yesterday turned out like this:

more later….rdd



Tuesday …. 9/12/17

5:40 …. The Greeking

So I showed you how to make the yogurt (I have a whole post dedicated to this), now here’s the proof that it is yogurt, and a photo of the transferred yogurt to a colander with a dish towel in it. I’ll leave it out on the counter for a couple of hours, drain off the whey from the bottom bowl, mix in the vanilla pudding mix, transfer to a glass container and put it in the fridge to marry overnight. Fresh yogurt I the morning.

It’s yogurt …………………………………………….  It’s Greeking ……………………………………….  The whey is separating and draining (2-3 hours)

Bulls and Heifers

12:47 …. cookies are done….. shopping is done. The kitchen floor is mopped with dishwasher soap and the Clorox spray combination. Yogurt is still yogurting and I’m going to take a break.

I think I was an alien in South Dakota. I was taken there when I was very young by my parent.
Stolen from the beaches of Southern California and transported to South Dakota in a Rambler station wagon, while fed Jelly Beans and fast food burgers to keep my mouth shut.
It took me years to figure out I didn’t belong, didn’t quite fit in! I’m still remembering things and figuring them out today, even as I escaped to Tucson. The memories never go away, and there are those haunting things. Like: Bulls and heifers, and …………..
men of the dirt, when they take off their caps with the corn cob on the front. They are Norwegian WHITE under there! Everything else visible other than that is burnt to a crisp. Beach sand dudes never had that problem!!!
And the coveralls. It didn’t occur to me for fifty years why they wore those vented coveralls! They needed air!
There are no bathrooms out at ‘the fields’ and they couldn’t go running to the farm place every time they had to go…… you know, so they built ‘shelter’ belts, and clothes that had only two quick release suspenders.
I have to admit….. they are comfortable and cheap. I just couldn’t do the cap thing.
More mysteries solved of my kidnapping later! rdd

11:42 Nooner or Later:


So, I’ll tell you one of my stories whiles the Paleo dark chocolate, almond meal, oatmeal, honey, coconut oil cookies are baking.
A long time ago, before Milbank, I spent my weekends on the sand at Huntington and Hermosa Beach California.
It ‘twas only my two brothers, Aunt Juanita Bue, and my mother living the good life on the beach.
In her bottom condo on ‘The Strand’ was a ‘Hi Fi’ stereo and all of the albums were Mancini, show tunes, Dave Brubeck, ‘the Velvet Fog’, Robert Goulet’, Andrews sisters, etc.
That’s what I was raised around while at the same time in my later years, (before 10), Jan and Dean, Beach Boys, and all were coming at me from the beach and Wolfman Jack. When not at the beach, I lived on Hawthorne and Englewood Boulevards where the cruisers had their windows open and the music from their car radios echoed up and down as they passed my window, all on the same channel. That was Rock and Roll babies.
I remember moving to Milbank and of course joined all choruses. As my voice changed, and I felt a little confident, I entered the high school singing contest and was promptly given a Latin religious chant to sing. I had no way to practice, didn’t know Latin, (no disrespect meant, but was not catholic so had no clue of patterns) and I failed miserably.
I just heard ‘Maria’ on my surround sound radio. I knew every word, every slide, pause, feeling….. I had the album before I was twelve. I had absorbed every song. I could have done “I just met a girl name Maria” with a sustained but beginners tremolo, and my hands would have come out and up at the end as I looked to the stars…….. It would have been wonderful…..
Johnny Carson would have had me on his show! From that point on, I would have received music that was worthy!!!!!!
But I got this thingy in Latin.
So, don’t be surprised if I don’t lay “Maria” on you. I’ve been waiting fifty-two years for the world to hear!!!! LOLOLOL

The End


Good Morning to you all.

Nothing much yet….. watching storm results…. mother nature 16, people 3, but we are gaining!

Drinking coffee, making yogurt. It’s about to begin yogurting as I blend the warm milk with the culture, and wrap it in a bath towel for 8 hours. It never fails to be delicious.

My ‘yogurting’ system cost. $0.00. My ingredients cost …. about $2.50 Makes one quart of home made yogurt any flavor I want.

My time invested…. maybe 6 minutes. It just sits there and yogurts for 8 hours while I get on with life. P.S. I put the towel back on the shelf unless I slobber on it.



Monday …. 9/11/17

2:51pm …. Post work out post. Time to think. …………….. So many supposedly intelligent minds, in positions of authority over other humans, fail to see the cruelty, unlawfulness, and incompleteness of DAKA. I makes me suspect that ‘half-assed’ is the best the ‘screamers’ ever do. ……. we can do much better for them within our laws, clear paths, an award and applause for those that understand. Get it done ‘Dreamers’! Ask for it to be lawful, plain and clear that when you receive your paper…… it’s good paper. Then you will have a handle on what you have just done and a grip on what you can do! We’d love to have you be rewarded this!

12:52 …. having fun while my clavicle heals.

Shabby sheek flag….. made by me. $89        Artistic flag ……………. $89 ……………………. weathered fence repurposed $129 ….. and I’ve got more!

12:32 …. For Sale

My 2005 Mazda B3000 Sport: 116,113 miles. Electric windows and door locks. Everything works, and no messages on the dashboard. I’ve taken good care of it. $6400. neat. I’m getting rid of it because I’m buying a Titan from my son. Too many trucks, so little space.

My mother’s birthday ….

9/11 …………… another day to remember until all of the days are used up as days to remember. When the cruelty and stupidity of man have used them all up…… then what? Maybe they have all been used up and we didn’t learn!

I don’t know. Like the other days I remember, I’ll be a little less jolly, a little more insightful, and try to create some form of art to be remembered. It’s what I am told to do. rdd

more later …..


Wow…. stood in intense rib smoke yesterday. It started my nose running, my eyes and mouth-watering. The were perfect. The meat didn’t fall off the bone but came right off with a tongue wiggle. Just the right sweet, just the right moisture and just the right blackened. We gave two whole racks out of the six to Jesse for birthday take home. He begged that it was allowed to make him ribs anytime between birthdays. He watched me take them off of the grill and just said ooooooooo!

I saw Crystal go back for thirds and she took a rack home with her.

Once the ribs were done……. and I saw what we had created…… I declared Sunday, a day of rest. Kathy went to work. Oops.

So, ‘Good Morning!’ everyone. With this dislocated shoulder, I am a little weary but have places to be and much to do. It’s trying to drop back into place as the swelling disappears, and I have an orthopedic surgeon meeting tomorrow morning at the VA. Me and my boys have had our share of athletic injuries, but probably less than average. We don’t cry about it. We get a little peeved that our game has been interrupted by our mortality. lol Ugh!

Here is a photo of the ‘Wild Arizona Petunia’ as we call it, that my neighbor gave me. I’m going to raise a whole flock of them as they attract everything, grow with little effort in the desert and don’t seem to damage easily. I hope to get my whole yard flowered with native stuff. Fancy, even African stuff seems to suffer and cause me stress so I suffer. This has to stop!!!!!!!

Miscellaneous curiosities from this morning. The bees coming to my sugar. A sign that the desert flowers have given up their nectar until the next rain. ……….  My upside down tamater…… myself playing with stuff. ………. Patron roses. I trimmed summer damage off of roses yesterday. …………….. and the ‘wild petunia given to me by my neighbor. They’ve seen the end of their long summer season too! A little wrinkled and weathered.

And for those of you that think I’m noisy…………… I’m actually very quiet! To me, anything more than this is screaming. This is something I made for Kathy’s Aunt Vivian or her grandmother many years ago. Stained glass seemed apropos.

Last but not least……………… watching Erma through my electric, eclectic window. Wow. Not the rapture, but a reminder that we are very little creatures in this very powerful universe, stuff shooting through us and around us……  zip, zap, zooooooooooooom, and maybe even SPLAT!!!! on the windshield of time. LOL We’d better do some good while we’re here!!!!!!!!, and try not to be ridiculous. rdd


About Ronald D. Drobeck

I've read, learned, been discriminated against, patronized, lied to, laughed at, laughed with, and ignored. I'm not a minority, not tall, not good looking, not skinny, not hairy, and can see 10 miles, but not two feet. I've been a paperboy, college student, licensed nursing home administrator, professional musician (swing drummer), duck and goose hunter, fisherman, conservationist, Eagle scout, camp counselor, canoeing instructor, lifeguard, comedian, restaurant owner, licensed exterminator, insurance agent, warehouse manager, carpenter, conservative, father of 4, baseball coach, husband, worrier, writer, embryo gardener, and nice guy.

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