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Easter Past Repast


1:45am Monday April 17, 2017

I’m up in the night,
haunted by the vision,

of a cold Easter spiral ham samich

………….. on whole wheat.

A ghost of Easter past,

I shall not sleep again, until I defeat it,

…………. complete.

I, without even rattling a plate,

Strait from the green, nylon cutting board I ate!

Silently, I devoured it.

That shall be the end of that,

…………. so sweet.

And now I lay me,

Back down to sleep.  ………… Ronald Douglas Drobeck








I’m trying to learn to drink coffee. I’ve never had a cup in my life. I was in the hospital for something in my early teen years and they tried to give me coffee with lunch and I threw up. So I’ve never been able to get it up to my mouth. I like the smell of it, but had this wall. I do drink black and green tea neat so I’m not going to sugar and cream it.
It’ll have to be straight.
Why at 67 would I do this you might ask?
Well, I’ve read, and it keeps coming up, that it is good for you, in moderation of course. It’s good for memory, and alertness and earth stuff.
So, here we go. I got the first sip down. It tastes a little muddy, but not disgusting sooooooooo……….
I’m trying to cut down on the soda for my caffeine. I’ve done that since I could afford my own and I’m on a diet again. The soda does not help.
I listened to everyone else’s groans about not having their coffee yet, and how much, and peeing…. and I need one more bitch and more excuses to use, so… lol ……………. I deserve this! rdd