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Choose Your Future America


Choose Your Future America

So, here are your choices:

You can let the U.N. follow through with its ‘New World Order’ where you’ll have to divide everything you’ve have, will have, and will create to the countries that cannot do for themselves. In the beginning, until it all evens out and they infiltrate your country with their failed ways, you will have to absorb all of the garbage the other countries have created, and then fill in their garbage holes with your stuff.


You can have everything taken from you by mean, and nasty power people, who will take by force, so that you have nothing to give, and there won’t be a country left that can contribute doctors, food, and disaster help when needed because we won’t have anything to give.


You can fight this, remain America, growing, creating, saving, and by sending medical help, disaster relief, technology and hope. We can educate and create stasis by teaching population control, planet stewardship, protection, and grow into the future at a faster pace.
You choose! The time is right here, right now!