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Ron’s World Famous Hot Oatmeal/Granola Breakfast


Ron’s World Famous Hot Oatmeal/Granola Breakfast


I know most of you already know how to make hot oatmeal for breakfast. I’ve been doing it since I was a kid.

Over time, I’ve developed my own superfast method for getting it out of the box and into my mouth as quickly as possible.  Try my way once, and then of course, go back to your own way. I don’t think you will.

First of all, I keep a salt shaker of pure cinnamon close to the stove. It’s right next to the un-refined Sonoran Desert Honey in a squirt bottle, and the olive oil in an oil dispenser.

I have an inexpensive non-stick pan with a glass lid as my oatmeal pot along with a wooden spoon. (just a bit old fashioned) I have, on the occasion some other cook in the house used my OATMEAL POT, used a non-stick frying pan that has a lid.

First, 1+ cup of water (you’ll learn what you require)

Add one cup of quick oats

Shake in a little salt, quite a few shakes of cinnamon to taste (I like a lot)

Add an eyeful (maybe 3 heaping tbls.) of your favorite granola de jour.

Last week at the ‘Sprouts’ farmers market, they had Almond/macaroon on sale for 2.99/lb., so that’s what I’m using this week. My other favorite is Vanilla/Pecan. I keep it in a cashew container nearby.

Now cover, stir, put it on the burner and heat until it is gently boiling, plop, plop, plop, stir.

Move it off the burner still covered. While it’s steeping, go get a wide shallow cereal bowl, some whole milk (it doesn’t look anemic and tastes like cream), and pause a bit.

When you can’t stand to wait anymore, empty the oatmeal/granola into your bowl, and squirt a thin band of honey criss cross on the top (it doesn’t take much).

Now, this is important!

Poor the milk carefully around the edge of the hot cereal until it covers the whole top without disturbing the cereal.

Use your favorite breakfast spoon, and dip toward you so that you get cereal and milk up against the cereal bowl. Rotate the bowl as you spiral your way through to the last spoonful.  Occasionally, you may run a little short of milk, and it’s ok to add a tad more to complete the balance properly.

Enjoy, and tell everyone how wonderful it is! rdd